The causes of belly fat are common in women

Belly fat can be said to be one of the most obsessions of women whose main cause is due to improper diet and science of everyone.

Abdominal fat is the extra fat that accumulates under the skin of your abdomen, which not only makes it difficult for you to wear clothes, but it is also a potential concern for dangerous diseases such as decreased memory, Hypertension, affects cardiovascular health.

Through the article below I will share to everyone The cause of belly fat Most often in women, please find out.

What is the main cause of belly fat?
What is the main cause of belly fat?  

The first cause is too much sitting

If people do not exercise but sit in one place for a long time, this is the cause of abdominal fat in everyone extremely easy to meet.

Besides, sitting too long it also affects the pinched nerves thereby leading to pain in the shoulders and back. This is also the reason why people who sit for too long or complain about back pain. Therefore, people should spend less time campaigning to have a good and stable health as well as help people avoid the cause of belly fat.

Should not sit in one place for a long time
Should not sit in one place for a long time

Do not use carbonated drinks

It is known that frequent use of carbonated drinks is one of the most common causes of belly fat in people today.

According to the researchers, the amount of sugar in fresh water is 330ml more than allowed for the amount of sugar that you need to consume a day. Therefore, using too much sugar in a day will cause your body not to consume it, but it will turn into Glycogen and from Glycogen will turn into fat accumulated under the abdominal skin and organs. other in your body.

Therefore, people should limit the use of high-carbonated drinks as well as a proper diet to minimize the amount of fat that can build up in the body to avoid leading to overweight as well as fat. stomach.

Using a lot of carbonated water will affect health and lead to fat
Using a lot of carbonated water will affect health and lead to fat

Do not eat at night

Staying up late and eating the night before going to bed will make the process of digesting food take longer and consume it out, from which the food will accumulate into fat, accumulate fat in the abdomen leading to excess scales.

Besides, the excess calories are also the main cause of fat accumulation in the abdomen. Especially for those who do not control their diet, the weight gain and belly fat is very fast.

Eating too many bad foods

People should not eat too many processed foods because it contains so many calories that will help accumulate belly fat more and more. Eat more green vegetables than this will be good for the metabolism of the body and reduce excess fat in the abdomen. In addition, people should also eat more foods such as salmon, avocado, olive oil ... to ensure your body has enough nutrients to help eliminate bad cholesterol in the body.

Limit your intake of foods that are harmful to your body
Limit your intake of foods that are harmful to your body

Why lack of sleep to gain weight

In the absence of sleep, your body releases cortisol hormones that inhibit nerves to help your body overcome a shortage of blood sugar. Cortisol causes blood sugar to rise, breaks down protein bonds, mobilizes fat from around the body to the abdomen. Cortisol is also born during stress and stress. Therefore, keeping the mind and body in a relaxed state is an extremely effective and simple way to help reduce cortisol and belly fat.

Improper exercise

In the human body, the abdominal area is the least impacted area of the body, as well as the least energetic area. Therefore, the abdominal exercise requires perseverance as well as coordination with exercises of other muscle groups like the back and hips to bring the best effect.

These diseases are related to the process of overweight

If people have taken all the measures to reduce belly fat but still not effective but also lead to worse, then you probably have some underlying disease, or a related problem. Endocrine diseases such as ovarian cysts, hypothyroidism ... may be the cause of abdominal fat. See your doctor for appropriate treatment.

With the above article, we hope to help people have an effective way to lose weight as well as find out The cause of belly fat Common among women, from there will be measures to overcome the situation of overweight to regain a graceful body and a slim waist. For more useful information, people often visit the website hey.

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