How to regain waist after birth extremely effective

Abdominal fat, a problem that makes many people inferiority, especially women after childbirth. After giving birth, a woman's waistline is still very high in fat, not shrinking right away as at first. Many people are very afraid of wearing tight body suits. So there is no way Regain waist postpartum for women to help women get back to their original shape. Please see the following article.

How to regain a waist after giving birth
How to regain a waist after giving birth  

Ways to regain a woman's postpartum waistline

Wear a waist harness gene

To reduce the waistline for new women, there are many ways. But the most common way many people use is to wear the waist harness gene.

The gene to reduce the waist after giving birth is a way to wrap the gene piece tightly into the abdomen, creating physical pressure to help the woman's waistline after birth is small, compact and firm.

However, postpartum women should use the waist harness gene according to professional instructions. Usually about 1 month (women giving birth), 2 months (women having a caesarean section) will be used. You should not be too hot to wear the garter belt too early, because wearing too early can cause some unwanted side effects such as rashes, affect the incision, sometimes cause bleeding and many effects. Unwanted harm.

Currently, on the market there are many types of waist harness genes for postpartum women such as Latex gene, Huaghi Rou harness gene, Farlin harness gene ...

When buying the garter, you should go to the reputable establishments and shops to buy. Avoid buying fake genes, poor quality, affecting health.

Wearing a waist harness gene can help reduce postpartum fat
Wearing a waist harness gene can help reduce postpartum fat


Diet is an important factor that has a great influence on weight and body shape, especially for postpartum women. Often, some women postpartum often think that they must eat a lot of starch to have milk for breastfeeding. According to experts, eating a lot of starches only makes mom gain weight, not an effective source of milk for babies. Therefore, you should eat and drink sensibly so that you can control your weight, waistline and have milk for your baby. Mothers' meals, should be full of nutrients, in addition to starch, should eat vegetables, fruits.

During the meal, you do not eat too much, too it, eat just enough, can divide many meals to eat. Thus, you have just enough nutrients, enough milk for the baby but can control your weight, waist.

Use pickled ginger wine

In fresh ginger, there are many gingerol and many other nutrients that promote metabolism, prevent the accumulation of belly fat, helping extremely effective weight loss. Alcohol works to help ginger penetrate the skin down the excess fat faster. Therefore, ginger soaked in wine will help you reduce fat to regain waist.

How to make pickled ginger wine:

  • Get 1kg of ginger washed, crushed. Then take a glass jar, put all mortar and mortar with 1 liter of water into the glass jar, cover tightly.
  • Soak after 30 days to be able to use.

Apply the paste to the abdomen, combined with the abdominal massage. Use daily, will help you get slimmer, toned waist after birth.

Ginger soaked in alcohol helps reduce postpartum fat
Ginger soaked in alcohol helps reduce postpartum fat

Ginger roasted salt

Salt and ginger are not only two familiar ingredients in everyday foods, but they are also very helpful in reducing excess fat, especially the waistline for postpartum women.

How to make ginger roasted salt:

  • Ginger washed, crushed.
  • Pan the pan on the stove, add the salt and stir well. Then, add ginger, continue to roast until the salt is just enough, ginger will turn off, then turn off the heat.
  • Put the roasted mixture in a towel or cloth bag, then apply on the abdomen until it cools.

Using ginger roasted salt daily, regularly will help you beat excess fat, improve waistline more quickly and effectively.

Collective stomach

The simple, gentle exercises for the abdominal muscles help the female postpartum quickly regain her physique and waist as at the beginning.

Abdominal exercises:

  • Step 1: Lie on your back with your feet up and your feet up to 90 degrees, your hands behind your head, both sides of your temples.
  • Step 2: Lift up, squeeze the abs, tighten the abs.
  • Step 3: Lower the body, so repeat 20 times (note: do not use your hands to lift people, only use your abs).
Abdominal exercises are effective in reducing postpartum fat
Abdominal exercises are effective in reducing postpartum fat

Through the above article, hope to help you know some how to regain a waist after giving birth. Losing belly fat, regaining your waist the first time or not depends on your perseverance and effort. Thank you for your interest, any questions please visit the website for assistance.

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