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In the exercises to lose weight, ton the abdomen, shaking is always the choice of many women. There is a lot of information revolving around the issue of belly fat reduction, efficiency and duration ... To learn more about the method shake belly fat reductionVenus invites you to follow the sharing below.

Real damage about the shake to reduce belly fat

For office sisters, who give birth after birth. Sometimes parts of the body are normal and fat only "attack" on the second round only. The disadvantage here is that because life is too busy, women do not have much time to go to the gym, so they persist every day.

Therefore, to be able to lose weight at home, remove excess fat sagging belly, then shaking the ring is the perfect choice. The direct impact on the abdomen and hips should be able to burn excess fat, helping to reduce belly fat quickly.

Shaking around belly fat is an effective method
Shaking around belly fat is an effective method  

Shaking is a simple, easy to perform yet surprisingly effective. In addition to slim, it also helps firm buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps.

How long does it take to lose belly fat?

It is impossible to say exactly how long the ring will reduce belly fat. However, with this method, perseverance is a certainty.

The time to lose belly fat through a swing depends on many factors such as: exercise regimen, daily exercise time, whether there are any movements when exercising, or whether the diet menu is healthy or not. ...

Principles when shaking belly fat

- Give a suitable workout regimen for you, how many sessions a week and how long each day.

Shaking around belly fat also needs certain rules
Shaking around belly fat also needs certain rules

- To shake the wheel to heat the abdomen, burn excess fat, you need to shake the ring continuously for a long enough time. Because if the cycle is too short, the abdomen is not really affected. Meanwhile, if you exercise too much, it will make your body tired, easy to give up halfway.

- The time for each swing should be 30 minutes, so practice twice a day morning and evening. If you do not have enough technique to shake the ring at the same time for 30 minutes, you can divide it into waves, so that it is 30 minutes.

- In the early days, you can practice less to get acquainted, once familiar with the bracelet, you can practice longer and incorporate other movements.

Instructions for effective shaking of the belly fat

The movement does not involve a lot of complicated poses, but when practicing, you need the right technique
The movement does not involve a lot of complicated poses, but when practicing, you need the right technique

Basic moves for first time beginners to cycle:

  • You need to prepare a round of sufficient thickness, do not choose the type of the ring is too big and heavy. Before shaking the ring needs warm-up, stretch the muscles to warm up the body.
  • To start, stand upright, your feet shoulder-width apart and support the upper body.
  • The back should always be straight, the person relaxed, the hand can be placed on the head or spread to the sides.
  • Start taking momentum to swing the clockwise, focusing the force only on your hips and waist to push the ring. Every other part of the body remains the same.
  • Once you are familiar with basic shaking, you can combine steps when you shake, step, spin, hands up and down to the beat ...

The note when shaking belly fat

When shaking, if you want to achieve the highest efficiency in reducing belly fat, do not ignore the following notes.

To shake the belly fat effectively, need to pay attention to the basics
To shake the belly fat effectively, need to pay attention to the basics

- You need to choose a reasonable round, suitable for your strength. If you choose the wrong size of the ring, during exercise can affect the spine, waist and viscera.

- Training time determines the effectiveness of the exercise. Therefore, you should choose to shake belly fat within certain time frames.

- Do not shake the ring right after eating it, when your stomach is too hungry. Ideally, in the morning you should shake around when having a snack for about 30 minutes, the evening is 2 hours after a meal.

- Do not shake around while menstruating.

- Shake round to choose the outfit is soft, absorbent sweat well.

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