Easily beat belly fat with just 5 minutes a day

When it comes to belly fat, women always feel bored and bored. Because belly fat 'does not invite but come' and 'chased forever not go'. There are many women who have applied all measures of exercise, hard diet and risk taking weight loss pills but not effective. So why not try with Venus to find out how Beat belly fat with just 5 minutes a day through the article below, right?

Simple and effective fat burning exercise 

Are you fed up with your oversized round 2 but don't have much time to go to the gym? The intense exercises at high intensity make you exhausted, unable to do other work?

Don't worry, with a few simple movements you can practice 5 minutes a day at home below. The ant waist you always dreamed of will be owned by you as soon as possible.

Only 5 minutes a day for simple exercises to burn belly fat
Only 5 minutes a day for simple exercises to burn belly fat  
  1. The supine exercises burn the belly fat

It sounds a little ridiculous, right? Why is it just a simple supine position, no support equipment, not sweaty sweat and still lose weight?

However, with the supine exercises that Venus shares will make you quite surprised with the results you get. This is a fat loss exercise shared by a Japanese doctor. According to the doctor, even if other parts of our body do not show signs of weight gain, abdominal fat will still appear. The reason that belly fat is created is because we sit in the wrong position, are sedentary ... So, just adjusting the posture when sitting can affect the belly fat and make them shrink.


  • You can use either a pillow or a towel to curl up. As long as the height of pillows, towels must be about 10cm.
  • Lie on your back on a hard floor with the most comfortable posture, making sure the floor is level. Then, take a freshly prepared pillow to put under your waist, eyes facing the ceiling.
  • When your legs are stretched in parallel, your toes touching each other and your arms stretched straight up along the top of your head, so that your two little fingers touch.

Try to stay in the position for about 5 minutes, then rest for about 30 seconds and then repeat. Do this exercise about 5 times a day to help with belly fat.

  1. The twisted exercise

Before going to bed, take advantage of taking 5 minutes to do this exercise to turn yourself. Certainly, regular exercise will help your abdominal area become slimmer and lighter.

The exercise is simple but helps to slim the abdomen quickly
The exercise is simple but helps to slim the abdomen quickly

Training guide:

  • First you need to lie with your legs straight.
  • When the legs are retracted, turn to the left, then return to the original position.
  • For the right you do the same.
  • You should perform continuous movements for 5 minutes to help relax the body, support reducing belly fat.
  1. Waist exercise to tone your belly

  • First, sit with your left leg out on the floor, right leg folded.
  • Right hand now against the floor, left hand stretched to shoulder level.
  • This position should be maintained for 1 minute and then return to a straight position.
  • Continue to do the above, but with your left hand. Pay attention to breathe deeply and evenly.
The twisting exercise helps reduce waist fat
The twisting exercise helps reduce waist fat
  1. Exercises combining legs and abdomen to create a slim waist

  • The initial posture, you lie on your back on the floor comfortably, 2 hands held parallel to each other.
  • Take a deep breath, exhale gently and bring your feet up.
  • Return to the original position and continue repeating the movement.
  • Each exercise should be kept for 5 minutes to achieve the highest efficiency of the exercise.
Exercises that combine the belly and legs help burn the lower belly fat effectively
Exercises that combine the belly and legs help burn the lower belly fat effectively

No need to spend a lot of time going to the gym, diets need not be too harsh. Every day you only need to spend about 5 minutes before going to bed to destroy "obnoxious" fat.

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