How to measure your waist correctly

Waist measurement is a very important number, used for purposes such as checking whether or not healthy, or using measurements to tailor clothes that fit the body. Just a tape measure with very simple measures that you can know your measurements. So How to measure your waist correctly? Let's find out through the following article!

How to measure your waist correctly
How to measure your waist correctly

Take measurements

Take off your clothes or pull them up.

To get the most accurate measurement, make sure the tape is close to the abdomen, so you should remove the clothing layers so that the tape measure can fit the body. If you are measuring pants or a shirt, you must pull out to get the best measurement.

Find the waistline

Use your finger to gently press and find the upper hips and the lower point of the chest. The waist is the soft fleshy point between these two parts. The waist will be the smallest and usually a little above the navel.

The waist is the part of the meat between the hips and the lower chest
The waist is the part of the meat between the hips and the lower chest

Measure the tape measure around the waist

Stand tall and breathe gently. Hold one end of the tape measure at the navel level, and then circle one back to the back and bring it back to the armor. The tape measure must be parallel to the floor and not tightened, leaving a deep mark on the skin.

Stand up straight and breathe normally. Hold the end of the tape measure at your navel and around the back to the front. The tape measure should be parallel to the floor and tightly around the upper body and not deep into the skin. Make sure the straight tape is not twisted on the back to get the best measurement.

Read the measurement

Breathe out and look at the tape measure. Measurements will be seen at the intersection at the rest of the ruler. Depending on the units printed on the tape measure, it can be centimeters or inches.

Check the measurements again

Do it one more time to make sure that the first number is correct. If the two measurements do not match, repeat the measurement again and calculate the average of the three measurements, because it is possible that because the breathing measurements were different, the numbers were different at times. measure.

Read the results

Check to see if your body measurements are at a healthy level

The standard measure of a healthy person will be 94cm for men, for women, it will be 80cm. For measurements larger than the standard measurement above are indicative of health problems. Large measurements can put you at risk for conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart problems and, most importantly, stroke. If your measurements are over healthy, get a checkup at a health center so you can catch them and get treatment early.

Too large a waist can lead to dangerous diseases

Taking into account factors that may make the measurement result no longer useful

In some cases, waist circumference is no longer a good indicator of good health. For example, if you are suffering from flatulence or pregnancy, the measurement will be outside of healthy levels even though your health is still very good. Similarly, there are some ethnic groups and countries with waist circumference greater than good health such as Japan, China, South Asia ...

Check your BMI for more information on your weight

If you're still uncertain about whether your measurements and weight are in good health, you can use the BMI (body mass index) method. This is a measure of the height and weight of the body to calculate whether the body has been balanced or not to know whether to lose weight or gain weight.

If the BMI results suggest that you are overweight, immediately go to hospitals and health-related centers to be guided by doctors to guide you on methods of weight loss and weight maintenance. Heavy weight to have the best health.

A BMI test is a great way to check for excess or underweight
A BMI test is a great way to check for excess or underweight

Advice for health

To make sure your body always has the most stable health, you should perform a waist measurement or monthly BMI to ensure the health is always in the best condition.

Above are instructions as well as answers to the waist measurement question how to properly? If there are still questions or questions about losing weight, reducing belly fat. Please visit the website so that our consultants can support and advise you on the safest and most effective weight loss methods.

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