Reduce Belly Fat With Dry Lotus Leaf Is Good For Health

Losing belly fat is a problem that many people are interested in, but not everyone has time to go out to exercise. Besides, there are many methods to reduce belly fat at home but lack of safety for health. will tell you a natural and safe way to lose weight is reduce belly fat with dry lotus leaf. Scientists have shown that lotus leaf is rich in Flavonoid nutrients. This substance has the effect of reducing belly fat effectively as well as can treat blood sugar. You try to apply the following methods to reduce fat safely, effectively offline!

Secret of Reducing Belly Fat with Quick Dry Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaf water

Lotus plant is a precious medicine used in Eastern medicine. Nearly every part of lotus has good effects on human health. For example, lotus seeds in Eastern medicine are also known as joint humiliation, which have good effects on the heart, lotus mind can help people sleep well because of its sedative effect, lotus tendrils and lotus mirrors have sedative and holding effects. lotus's blood, rhizome, also known as Eastern medicine, is a joint effect of treating and coughing up blood. Lotus leaves help reduce the amount of lipid and cholesterol in the blood, reduce fat, eliminate toxins in the body, keep our body always toned.

Lotus plants are familiar to us
Dried lotus is an effective medicine for weight loss  


This is a way to reduce belly fat without too much effort and time. You only need to use fresh lotus leaf or dry lotus leaf washed, shredded boil with water. Taking lotus leaf water instead of water daily, regularly for 2 to 3 months will help you purify the body, melt fat, cool the body.

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Dried lotus leaf tea - weight loss drink

Dried lotus leaf tea is a way to lose weight with all natural ingredients. When choosing fresh lotus leaves you should choose the leaves with large wings, dark green eyes. Then dried, torn or chopped into the basket, washed with water and then dried in the sun again to dry, it can be used or packed in storage

Dried lotus leaf tea
Dried lotus leaf tea


When using we take 300g of dried lotus leaves to brake as other normal teas. Lotus leaf tea has a very fruity taste and is easy to drink. You should drink every day, drink regularly so within 2 to 3 months will see the effects of lotus leaves. The body is tidy, the belly fat is clearly reduced, the health is improved and there is no heat in the body.

When making lotus leaf tea, you can add cinnamon or rose petals to increase the attractive aroma. A pleasant scent will also help reduce stress effectively. If you are not familiar with the slight bitter taste of the tea, you can add a little sugar to make it easier to drink, more delicious.

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Uses to reduce belly fat of lotus leaf porridge

Not only has the effect of tapering, toning the body but also has the effect of reducing blood fat, stabilizing blood sugar, cholesterol. Try using dried lotus leaf to cook porridge, an attractive food that is no less nutritious, but also reduces fat safely and effectively.

You choose large lotus leaves that are dark green, to be washed thoroughly with water. Put into the pot, pour in 300 - 400ml of water and turn on the stove to boil. When the water has boiled, simmer, let the level of 20p for the lotus leaf to extract all the essence and remove the lotus leaf. Put 200g of unused rice in a pot of freshly made lotus leaf water into a porridge. Lotus porridge after completion has a pleasant aroma. You can add a little brown sugar to make it taste better.

Lotus porridge reduce belly fat safely and effectively at home
Lotus porridge reduce belly fat safely and effectively at home


You can use dried lotus leaf to cook porridge if there is no fresh lotus leaf. First, soak the dried lotus leaf in cool water for 20 to 30 minutes to let the lotus leaf dry and soften, then boil water. Using dried rice, boiled with dried lotus leaf water, add porridge.

You can add mung beans to the porridge to avoid being boring when used. Before processing with porridge, soak the green beans for 20-30 minutes to soft green beans quickly, easily blended with the scent of lotus leaves. Just helps to increase appetite, improve heat, detox. Or you can cook with lotus seeds to increase the fragrance of lotus in porridge, nutritious, sedative effect, cure insomnia. Give you a deep and delicious sleep.

Lotus leaf porridge has the effect of reducing cholesterol and lipid in the blood, eliminating toxins, cooling down the body and is especially effective with defeating the accumulated fat in the body.

But note the need to use dried lotus leaf

Women who are breastfeeding or who are menstruating should not use lotus leaves as food. For girdle bleeding or menorrhagia, the phenomenon is not good for the body. Use while breastfeeding will make babies more likely to experience nausea or lethargy because lotus leaves are soldering.

Avoid menstruation and breastfeeding
Avoid menstruation and breastfeeding


People with solder conditions should not use lotus leaf too much for a long time. Easily causing sleeplessness, anorexia, memory impairment and sexual need will be reduced. Lotus leaf has welding characteristics so it will be more suitable for people with a heat condition.

Adults should use 15 to 20g of lotus leaves in a day, and children should use only 5 to 10g of lotus leaves. Avoiding overuse and overdose is also bad for health.

Lotus leaf water should be used 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals so that lotus leaves do not affect our digestive activity.

Using lotus leaf water to support the weight loss process, you still need to have a scientific diet and proper exercise to help promote the process of fat loss to have a slim, toned, unattended body. fat.

Apply reduce belly fat with dry lotus leaf is a safe method from nature, does not take too much time and effort to get a slim waistline but also purifies the body, cooling. You should still pay attention to the dosage, use properly to quickly get the desired picture. Thank you for accompanying beauty news through this article. Please continue to follow us through the following articles for more useful information!

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