Reduce Belly Fat With Herbal Salt Unimaginably Effective 

Currently there are many ways to reduce belly fat at home. And recently on social networks you are making a stir Reduce belly fat with herbal salt. For those who are familiar with Eastern medicine, this is probably not a strange method. But there are some who are skeptical about how to lose belly fat.

Today, I will answer the question for you what is herbal salt? How to reduce belly fat with herbal salt how? And the effect of herbal salt. You find out with us!

Herbal salt for weight loss regains a charming physique
Herbal salt for weight loss regains a charming physique  

Lose weight, there are many methods. And How Himalayan Pink Salt Lose Weight Also a reference method.

What is herbal salt?

This is a mineral salt compound with natural herbs combined called Herbal Salt.

Unlike other salts, herbal salt is very good for health. Used to relieve back pain, muscle aches and reduce belly fat safely because it contains no preservatives.

Herbal salt in Oriental medicine - reduce belly fat with herbal salt
Herbal salt in Eastern medicine

Salt is combined with different herbs to create different uses such as ginger, turmeric, lemongrass or mugwort ...

Details of the use of each herb:

  • Sea salt helps relieve pain, keeps the stomach warm.
  • Lemongrass reduces inflammation, aches and pains ..
  • Cinnamon helps to reduce spasms, warm up and relax the body.
  • Ginger helps peach to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins, burn fat accumulated in the abdomen.
  • Turmeric helps with antibacterial, reducing inflammation, and scars.
  • Wormwood helps to keep your skin firm.

Is reducing belly fat with herbal salt effective?

The question of so many people is the true effect of reducing belly fat with herbal salt?

The National Institute of Nutrition has now listed 40% of the proportion of Vietnamese who have abdominal obesity. In particular, the ratio of women is higher than men.

The weight gain, belly fat not only makes women inferior in appearance, but also contains a lot of heart disease, blood pressure, blood ...

According to the heirloom and test methods show Reduce belly fat with herbal salt Really highly effective.

Using salt in combination with heated herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass ... will dissolve fat tissue formed under the abdomen by sweating or excreted with excretion, bringing users. Use a slender and toned waist that is still very safe.

In addition, herbal salt not only works to dispel excess fat but also has many effects such as treating aches and pains, back pain or muscle aches, helping to relax the body, ...

This is a natural and safe method of reducing belly fat, so it can be applied to postpartum mothers and the elderly.

Because herbal salt does not cause any side effects for mother and baby.

How to make herbal salt 

On the market today there are many herbal salt products to reduce fat but to ensure quality and safety I will show you how to make herbal salt at home, practice it when you have time.

Herbal salt is easy to make, so anyone can do it. And here's how:


  • 1kg of granulated salt
  • 0.5kg fresh ginger
  • Some other herbs: 5 cinnamon sticks, mugwort leaves(the older the better), turmeric leaves, ginger, lemongrass ...
  • A zippered cloth bag or a thick towel.
Ginger and some other herbs 
Ginger and some other herbs


+ Step 1: Rinse the prepared herbs (except cinnamon) and drain. Then cut the herb into 5cm, individually crushed or sliced ginger.

+ Step 2: Heat the pan, pour the salt into the roast after 5 minutes, then prepare the herbs on the island with hands. Roast until the salt turns opaque and ginger hunts down

+ Step 3: After roasting, you pour salt into a zipper bag or a thick cloth prepared. It is done.

How to use belly fat reduction with herbal salt: 

You put the herbal salt bag on your stomach while the mixture is still hot, if you reuse, you should put it into the microwave about 2p or roast 5p range for the hot mixture to be effective.

Herbal salt bag  
Herbal salt bag

Use an compress on the abdomen, especially the area with the most fat (lower abdomen). When applied, it should be combined with massage movements to speed up the process of defatting fat and help us feel more comfortable. Carry on until the salt mixture is completely cooled.

Again, because this is a safe, traditional method, you should do it 1-2 times a day. After breakfast and dinner for 2 hours. After only 1 month you will see a clear effect.

Notes when using herbal salt

- Herbal salt after use 2 -3 times you should replace salt to get the most possible effect.

- You can preserve by putting in the zip pocket and then put in the fridge cooler. When reusing, it is possible to re-heat it can be used.

  • Whatever method is used to reduce belly fat. You must combine with a scientific diet and reasonable rest hours of exercise.
  • Should use thick towels, cloth bags to avoid scalding, burning skin.
  • Avoid applying to open wounds that cause burning pain.

So in the column beauty news of the talked about details about Reduce belly fat with herbal salt. Apply to have a slim waist with a safe way. Thank you for accompanying through this article. Stay tuned for the following articles for more useful information on health and beauty! Thank you and see you again.

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