Lose belly fat by putting your feet up on the wall

There are many causes of belly fat accumulation leading to obesity. And of course obesity is not a good sign for our bodies. Obesity is also the cause of many dangerous diseases such as fat in the blood, hypertension, ... Therefore, there are currently many measures to lose weight. One of the top measures is exercise to burn fat but not everyone has time or is lazy to practice burning fat, too much effort. Most people find ways to drink tea to lose weight, detox, coffee against cravings ... these ways cost a lot of money. Today venus56.com will guide you Lose belly fat by putting your feet up on the wall. Does not cost too much effort or lose money but still reduce fat effectively at home.

This is an exercise that does not require you to crouch up and down continuously, or run around but only lose a lot of calories. You just lie beside the wall in your home only. Sounds curious, right? And venus56.com Read through this article.

Lose belly fat by putting your feet up on the wall Specially created for the "stubborn" belly fat. In addition, this action also helps you effectively break back pain and help blood circulation in the body to circulate better.

With this method you do not need to bother wearing shoes, you can practice with bare feet. This is a fairly simple exercise, you should repeat this action about 10 times for each exercise. Because it is very good for health, you can practice 2-3 times / day to be effective!

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Movement 1

  • Lie on your back on the floor, legs on the wall, butt touching the wall. Two hands to follow the body.
  • Using your feet as a support, raise your hips up and away your back from the floor and butt from the wall until only the shoulder blades reach the floor. Hold for about 5 seconds then lower your buttocks slowly. Repeat the motion about 10 times.
Move your feet on the wall
Move your feet on the wall  

Once you are used to this movement or it is not enough to penetrate your healthy body, we have to put one foot on the other foot, perform the movement by using one leg as a pole.

Step 2

  • I lay on my back on the floor, my feet on the wall, the soles of my feet facing the ceiling, my hands down the trunk
  • Lift your foot a little away from the wall and slowly move one foot to the side, making a slow motion.
  • Do the same with the other leg.
Illustrating the movement 2
Illustrating the movement 2

This can be a bit difficult for people who are not flexible. You can be about 15cm from the wall to prevent your legs from stretching too straight.

Step 3

  • Lie on your back on the floor with your feet on the wall and use your heels to support the wall.
  • Reaching your right hand toward your left foot, lift your shoulders until your right hand touches your left foot. Hold for about 5 seconds then slowly lower.
  • Return to the original position, doing the same with the other hand.
Reaching your shoulders on the floor
Reaching your shoulders on the floor

And for people who are not too flexible, it may be just enough to reach the knees.

Step 4

  • Lie on your back on the floor with your feet on the wall but your butt won't touch the wall.
  • Bring your hips up, use elbows on the floor, hands to hips to balance your body. Raising your hips higher will move your foot higher up the wall until your body forms a diagonal line.
  • At this time, both legs are straightened. Then lower one leg slowly down to your face, slowly bring it back to position. Do the same with the other leg.
Illustrate the 4th movement
Illustrate the 4th movement

Step 5

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, about 1 meter from the ground, and touch your butt to the wall.
  • Squeeze one leg on the knee of the other leg, lift your butt and back off the floor. Bend your knee about 20 times for this action.
  • Lower yourself slowly and change your remaining leg, just as you did at the beginning.
Shrug knee lift
Shrug knee lift

These are movements inspired by yoga. If you are interested in this subject, you should refer to yoga exercises to be able to burn calories regularly, more effectively and have a healthy endurance

Lose belly fat by putting your feet up on the wall is a method of causing fever in many countries. Because it brings many health benefits as well as fat burning very effectively. Each day, women only need to spend 20 - 30 minutes to practice these exercises, combined with a reasonable nutrition diet and with a little perseverance, it will soon get the slim body as desired. Thank you for accompanying venus56.com through this article. If you find this information useful, please support it venus56.com through the following article!

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