Lose belly fat, lose weight through the method of breathing properly

It sounds unbelievable but really methodical Breathing properly will help reduce belly fat and lose weight. Because you breathe is closely related to the reduction in body fat. The great thing is that you only need to spend about 2 to 5 minutes a day to perform this method of breathing.

The excess body fat always makes many women have headache to find ways to get rid of by different methods of weight loss. However, today Venus56.com A simpler way is to practice proper breathing combined with some simple exercises to help reduce body fat effectively.

Breathing properly helps reduce belly fat effectively
Breathing properly helps reduce belly fat effectively  

Does breathing properly help reduce belly fat effectively?

Because the abdominal muscles are more active, the impact on the belly fat area by abdominal contraction constantly helps to consume calories in the body. Thanks to breathing, your body has enough oxygen needed to burn fat in the body (every 1 kg of fat loss takes up to 29 kg of oxygen to release it from the body). In addition, breathing promotes blood circulation.

Breathing is indispensable for your body
Breathing is indispensable for your body

So how to do such breathing properly?

To get the whole air moving more we need to practice deep, slow and long breathing. With normal breathing, only about 2-3 liters of gas can circulate, the rest is in situ while the normal lung contains about 5 liters of air.

If you want more opportunities to bring in fresh air, you need to push the air as much as possible.

Practice deep, slow, and gentle breathing through your nose to filter out dirt and bacteria from our nasal mucous membranes. Slowly you will feel your body become much healthier.

Explain the effectiveness of losing weight, burning belly fat Of this exercise, European doctors said the fat consists of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. When the incoming air travels to the fat cells, oxygen separates the fat into carbon and water. Therefore, the more oxygen we use, the more fat our body will burn.

It is thanks to this mechanism of action that excess fat in the body is quickly removed by simply breathing rhythmically.

Instructions on how to exercise, cure breathing problems at home you should know

Properly combine breathing exercises to reduce belly fat

Preparation: The first, select the space

You should choose spacious and quiet places, with trees as possible. Thus, you have a fresh atmosphere and a relaxing space to practice. When you start, you must keep yourself a good spirit, the work, thoughts still entangled in your mind, put all aside!

Remember the following 4 rules when you breathe: deep, even, slow and smooth. Oxygen refills the body. The amount of oxygen you breathe during breathing exercise causes specific chemical reactions to burn more calories than your body absorbs. This will help you lose weight, especially the problem of belly fat.

Some basic exercises

Lesson 1: Sit upright in a chair, legs close together, feet touching the ground. Hands on knees. Slowly take a deep breath and exhale strongly, repeat 20 times.

Lesson 2: Stand up straight, your hands close to your thighs but still relax, tilt your head forward and breathe quickly with your stomach so that your abdominal muscles are enlarged and deflated clearly when breathing, done 20 times.

Keep crouching down and breathing hard as above, finally leaning back and breathing 20 times.

Exercise to breathe properly
Exercise to breathe properly

Lesson 3: Stand up straight, then sit down slowly, squatting position for buttocks touch 2 heels, hands on knees. Take one deep breath and exhale.

Next, put your arms around your legs, place your chin on your knees and breathe as above, then continue to lift your buttocks and breathe 20 more times.

Lesson 4: Lie on your back on the floor, straighten your legs and arms, place a book on your stomach. Take a deep breath, so that the book is as advanced as possible. Continuing to exhale slightly, press the book down as low as possible. Repeat 20 times.

Lesson 5: Sit upright in a chair, hands on your lap and slowly inhale deeply then exhale sharply. Do the same 20 times.

Breathing exercises to reduce belly fat require relaxation and lightness
Breathing exercises to reduce belly fat require relaxation and lightness

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Lose belly fat, lose weight through the method of breathing properly 1

Above, Venus56.com I have explained and detailed instructions for you how breathe properly to reduce belly fat and lose weight. Try incorporating regular exercises every day to help the abdominal muscles significantly exercise and feel the change in your belly fat reduction rate. Remember to be persistent, exercise regularly, regularly to get the waist and body you want!

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