Guide morning exercise to reduce belly fat most effectively

You are noticing that your body is starting to become obese, and that your obese belly fat will appear again in a short time. You are exploring and researching ways to "beat" the other belly fat and want to lose weight quickly but effective but must be safe. If you want you, please learn about Morning exercise reduces belly fat most effective offline.

Morning exercise is essential for health
Morning exercise is essential for health    

Do the ab exercises

Surely you already know this exercise, but not everyone does the right technique to achieve the maximum effect. The following is a detailed guide on the most basic abdominoplasty techniques.

Choose a flat, clean terrain like a floor or dedicated sports foam as a training ground. Posture is as follows: lie on your back, arms stretched straight or behind your head, shrink your legs at an angle of 45 degrees, feet touch the ground. Performing a tummy tuck requires leg support or heavy equipment to hold the combined leg while exercising. Use your abs to lift your body up so that your spine is at an angle of about 70% and then lower, repeat about 10 times, dividing into 5 to 10 rounds for effective exercise.

The practice of this exercise directly affects the abdominal muscles so it not only reduces fat but also has the ability to form a toned abs.

Basic abortion
Basic abortion

1. Exercise 2: Fold your belly and twist

Similar to the abdominal exercises, this exercise in combination with the legs is also done in a lying position. A combination of leg muscles to put pressure on the abdominal area to burn fat effectively.

Start on your back, bend your left leg, palms against your head, and hold still. Then turn the hip toward the contracted foot, straighten the left leg and at the same time shrink the right foot, turn in the opposite direction and you've completed a beat of the movement. Do this continuously for 15 beats and repeat about 5 to 10 times depending on your available abs.

Combination of abdominal muscles and leg muscles
Combination of abdominal muscles and leg muscles

2. Exercises with a single bar

You can set up a single bar or you can find a bar in square parks near the living area to practice this exercise. A pair of sports gloves is required before training with a single bar to prevent the palms of your hands from sores and calluses.

The crossbar is an exercise that affects many muscles in the hands in front of the back, shoulders, chest and of course the abs.

Simple movements are as follows: jump up and hands sticking to the beam, hands should be shoulder-to-shoulder, legs closed, not constricted but should be extended at an angle of about 35 degrees to the spine, holding about 5 to 10 Seconds for your abdominal muscles to heat up is the end of 1 round. This exercise is quite heavy so it takes place faster than the previous exercises, but it also burns a lot of calories and reduces belly fat for you.

Simple bars are effective in weight loss
Simple bars are effective in weight loss

3. Exercise combines jumping and sniffing

Jumping and sniffing are endurance exercises that all put pressure on the abdominal muscles, so this combination is perfect to help us burn belly fat in the most optimal way. Besides this exercise also affects the thigh muscles, chest muscles, hand muscles, so the exercise contributes greatly in building a balanced physique of dreams of many people.

Do the following: Begin with the ground-up posture, after a beat of the ground you draw your legs back to your sitting position, your hands are still on the ground, followed by an upright movement while lifting your hands straight to the sky. Song and straight shoulder. That is the end of a beat, repeat the same 15 times a round and perform from 7 to 10 half a session training.


Above venus56 introduced to you these Morning exercise reduces belly fat help you reduce the belly a mass of belly fat quickly and most effectively. The above exercises you should apply to the time of day like 5 to 7 am and from 17 to 19 pm in the day. For starters, the initial training period will be quite difficult because you may experience muscle pain and tension during the first few days of training. It is common and very normal so try to keep persevering in training, the result will not disappoint you. Think one day the other belly fat disappears as a motivation for exercise. Thank you for watching the article, the site provides lots of good health information.

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