Instructions for simple exercises to reduce belly fat in bed

Exercise is an extremely useful activity for human health. As an activity that promotes good blood circulation for the heart, the faster metabolism is an important factor for people who want to lose weight. You may have trouble walking when you move to the training site, so today Please guide you guys Simple belly fat reduction exercises in bed  Extremely effective offline.

It is very beneficial to practice in bed
It is very beneficial to practice in bed  

Causes of abdominal fat

By understanding the causes of belly fat, you can easily prevent the growth of the other fat mass or take steps to reduce belly fat.

Abdominal fat is a concern of most office workers when they have to sit continuously working with computers and inactive.

Abdominal fat is caused by the accumulation of body fat, so a poor diet, high fat food is a big cause of belly fat.

The habit of doing "night owls" also has a serious impact on our round 2, often you will feel hungry when making the body to work at night, at this time the amount of nutrients put into will is mostly converted into belly fat.

We should avoid drinking fizzy drinks and lots of saccharine, which are also causes of belly fat.

How to practice bed exercises effectively?

Practicing in bed, you will not have to prepare too elaborate or have to move out. Just go to your bed to be able to practice effectively, each training process will consume a certain amount of calories, but if you do not train properly, it will not bring high efficiency and It takes a lot of effort, so practice how to achieve the highest efficiency? Please refer to the following exercise.

Exercise 1

In this exercise, we begin with our supine position, arms stretched out along the body, legs also straightened. Using the force of the upper body and hands close to push 2 feet up, hips also up, 2 feet perpendicular to the floor, then lower the hips to the floor, limbs remain the position is the end of 1 time of movements, performing repetition in 1 minute.

The second exercise

A practice movement in bed
A practice movement in bed

This action is also done within 1 minute and still starts with the supine position. Carry your arms behind your head, your knees up to your stomach, while your shins are parallel to the bed, pull your head and torso to your knees, pulling as close as possible depending on your strength. contraction of your body.

Exercise 3

Next is a workout that combines multiple muscular areas, including the leg muscles that work out to burn belly fat. Do as follows: lie on the bed, hands behind the back hugging head, knees bent legs, feet against the bed surface, then put the right foot on the left leg so that the right ankle on the left knee, after then lift your head and turn your waist to the right, repeat 30 seconds on each side in the same way.

Exercise 4

The bed can still be used for exercise
The bed can still be used for exercise

Taking advantage of gravity on our legs to work the abdominal muscles. Start with the supine position and bring your hands up close to your body, legs stretching out, then do the following: lift your legs up so that your legs are upright, perpendicular to the bed surface, then lower simultaneously. but do not touch the floor. Repeat the exercise to burn the belly fat for 1 minute.

Exercise 5

This fifth exercise is a static exercise. How to do it as follows: lying on the bed, 2 hands face down along the body, legs closed and straightened. Lift 2 feet off the ground about 20 cm, then cross right upper and lower left legs and do the opposite. Stretching exercises should be done every 30 to 60 seconds.

Beat belly fat with the exercises applied in bed
Beat belly fat with the exercises applied in bed


  • You should exercise before eating or after eating 1 hour to avoid putting pressure on the stomach.
  • It is recommended to start the exercise with a few tension movements to warm up the body.
  • Exercise every day and change your exercises to help reduce your overall belly fat.
  • Training time should be done in the early morning or late afternoon at this time the most flexible muscle groups of the day.
  • Need to combine with a proper diet, reduce fat, sugar and sugary soft drinks.


Above are the Simple belly fat reduction exercises in bed have been applied by many people and the results are very good With a bit of persistence in practicing and following the above guidelines, we believe that you will soon achieve success in reducing belly fat in your bed. Let's find out many other useful information at the website Please.

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