Guide morning exercise to reduce belly fat

Abdominal fat is the enemy of everyone, it both causes unsightly physique, and is the potential of many dangerous diseases. You do not have much time but still want to practice sports to reduce belly fat? The following, Venus will guide you the post Morning exercise reduces belly fat fast.

Abdominal fat is always something "obnoxious" sticking to persistent
Abdominal fat is always something "obnoxious" sticking to persistent  

Exercise 1: Fold down

This is one of the simplest exercise, without any support tools. As long as you practice diligently every sieve, then after 1 month you will get unexpected results.

Episode guide:

  • Lie straight on the mat, with your legs bent so that your calves are perpendicular to your thighs The arms are gently pressed against the ears and the elbows should extend to either side.
  • Use the force in your abs to lift yourself up, while taking a deep breath.
  • Lower your body slowly and exhale gently.
  • Should repeat 15-20 times.

Exercise 2: Fold your belly and twist

This exercise is not too complicated, but it works great. With this movement, in addition to getting rid of belly fat, it also helps slimmer calves.

The exercise does not have many postures that make it difficult
The exercise does not have many postures that make it difficult

Training guide

  • You lie on the mat in your back position, your legs are parallel, your hands are close to your ears, and your elbows are spread to the sides.
  • Slowly lift 2 legs and head up, the right two feet contract into a right angle of 90 degrees.
  • Head and shoulders turned to the left and curled left foot up.
  • At this time, the head and legs are still raised but turn the head and shoulders to the right, stretch the left leg and shrink the right leg.
  • You should repeat the movement 10 to 15 times.

Exercise 3: Swing beams

For this exercise, you need other types of props. Especially the difficulty level has also increased gradually. People who practice swinging bar must have good physical strength and warm up before training. Exercises to help reduce round 2 fat and arm fat, back fat.

Exercise guide:

  • You need to have 1 swing.
  • Spread arms wider than shoulders and hold hands with the bar.
  • You start to swing up, your legs get as high as possible, how to put your thighs close to your chest. Note also raise your hips up.
  • The posture should be held for 2-3 seconds, then return to the original position.
  • Repeat the movement 15-20 times.

Exercise 4: Combining sneezing and jumping

This is an exercise that combines the two movements of sniffing and jumping. The training method is not too difficult but the energy in the body is burned quickly. Exercises not only to burn belly fat but also toned other areas. Especially you can through exercises to exercise muscle endurance, stamina for the body.

The postures of the exercise are not too difficult
The postures of the exercise are not too difficult

Episode guide:

  • Hands on the floor and spread as wide as your shoulders. Tip of foot to stand for strength. The legs should be parallel and slightly closed, so that the knees are relaxed.
  • Then, from the ground sniffing position, 2 hands remain and turn 2 feet high up. All force now will be supported by 2 hands.
  • 2 feet down, propping up the body with the toes in a squatting position.
  • Then you continue to jump up and straighten your legs in the original inhalation position.
  • Then you continue to repeat the action for about 10 more times.

Exercise 5: Basic squat

Squat is a popular exercise, which helps to reduce belly fat, buttocks, thighs.

Squat is an effective physique improvement exercise
Squat is an effective physique improvement exercise

Episode guide:

  • First, stand up straight with your hands in front of your chest, back straight and shoulders wide apart.
  • Slowly lower from the hips down, pushing the hips back, back still straight, the waist adjacent to the hips bent. So that when you look down at the knees, do not exceed the tip of the foot.
  • Lower yourself down as dark as possible, thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Return to the original position and repeat about 20 times / inning, should practice from 3 to 4 rounds.

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