Instructions for using the proper postpartum waistband

Corsets are a method to help the abdomen become toned and slim fast, most effectively. However, if used improperly corsets can affect health very dangerous. So how to use Postpartum harness properly? The answer will be in the following article.

Postpartum abdominal support helps you regain your waist
Postpartum abdominal support helps you regain your waist  

The truth about postpartum abdominal harness

Most postpartum women think that the waist harness only helps to make the waist slim, recover as the original. However, there are some other benefits that are very practical for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the fetus will occupy large space inside the mother's abdomen to form and develop. Therefore, the mother's abdominal muscles will be stretched and some internal organs will be pushed close to the heart, pelvic joints and ligaments will also be changed to be able to adapt to the baby. baby grows inside.

Therefore, after birth, it will take a long time for the parts to recover. The use of corsets will help speed recovery of the parts faster to naturally, the pressure that the corsets impact on the abdomen will help the internal parts to return to their original position.

Using postpartum corsets will help restore health faster
Using postpartum corsets will help restore health faster

Does postpartum harness bring the effect of slim waist fast? In fact, it can be a bit disappointing for mothers because the waistband only works to temporarily compress the excess fat.

To get the most out of it, combine a waistband with a good diet and light exercise or yoga…

The risk of unpredictable postpartum abdominal compression

The waistband or waistband genes are all made from elastic cotton, both of which are made according to the physical pressure principle to create the waist tightening force. Therefore, when used, some mothers think the longer you use it, the more effective it is, but it is very harmful to health.

Long-term use has a negative effect on health
Long-term use has a negative effect on health

Too much pressure on your abdomen will make you suffer from acid reflux. Because too much pressure on the abdomen makes food in the stomach can flow back up into the esophagus, which in turn will affect other parts of the digestive tract.

The impatient to regain waist circumference after birth should have some mothers had a very early waist harness. This is very dangerous to the health of the mother can lead to death. Because postpartum health and parts have not been recovered if the early waistbelt will lead to the effects of blood circulation, shortness of breath ... Especially, for Caesarean section if used early can cause the incision is torn or wound infection.

In addition, harnessing the abdomen too early at which time the fluid is not fully discharged may cause stagnation in the pelvis, the inoperable uterus will directly affect the body.

The regular use of a corset also makes the skin prone to redness and allergies very uncomfortable, too much use will make sweating, which is a good condition for harmful bacteria to grow.

How to use the postpartum harness properly

Postpartum harness is effective and good? These things will depend on how you use them. Therefore, please follow these instructions to get the best results without harming your health.

Using the waistband properly will help waist slim, fast
Using the waistband properly will help waist slim, fast
  • For mothers who often need to after 30 days of birth should buckle the abdomen. A cesarean section takes at least 3 months or wait for the wound to recover completely.
  • Do not buckle your belly for a long time, and especially at night when you go to bed
  • The amount of time for daily braces will increase gradually according to the number of days after birth so that the body can adapt: 1 hour / day after 30 days; 2 hours / day after 90 days; 5 hours / day after 6 months.
  • Combined with the waistband is light exercise or a diet showing off learning will bring the best results.

Hopefully, the guidelines for using corsets in the above article will help mothers better understand how Postpartum harness properly and regain postpartum physique quickly. If you still have questions or need more advice about waistband products, please visit the website for more detailed advice by experts.

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