Some ways to reduce lower belly fat for women

How to reduce lower belly fat is always the concern for you. But choosing which method to be effective and safe is equally important. Even if we have hard training but not training properly, or improper diet ... will lead to losing belly fat has no effect. We will share the answers to your questions how to reduce belly fat for women to have a slim waist and a good shape.

To effectively reduce belly fat, you need to find out what is belly fat? What causes your belly fat to increase more and more and how to burn it?

Belly fat is always a concern for women
Belly fat is always a concern for women  

What is belly fat?

There are 3 types of fat: triglycerides (fats circulating in the blood), subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat just below the surface of the skin) and visceral fat (viscefal fat - the dangerous belly fat layer).

Visceral fat accumulating under too much belly fat poses a risk to your health. But how to distinguish between subcutaneous and visceral fat? It is also quite simple, you can pinch in the abdomen and feel the fat layer is right below the skin, the visceral fat layer, you will not feel.

Fat accumulation in the abdomen is an obsession for all women. Fat accumulation can be attributed to each person's genetic, genetic or organ factors. Not only in women, but even men have belly fat.

Why must reduce belly fat?

The amount of belly fat will be greater when you have the ideal weight gain. Meanwhile, the amount of hormones and chemicals secreted by fat cells are both beneficial to health. They play an important role in regulating insulin levels, making you feel satisfied after eating and burning off excess fat.

Too much belly fat will adversely affect health
Too much belly fat will adversely affect health

Therefore, for people who are overweight, the fat cells will be bigger and bigger than usual. Large fat cells produce more hormones and chemicals than your body needs. This will adversely affect your health, which can lead to diseases such as obesity, stroke, heart disease or even cancer.

Fat in the body is more dangerous when they surround the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines ... Not only obese people have excess fat, but even thin people also accumulate body fat.

Body fat is more dangerous, surrounding the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines ... Increased body fat is a favorable factor leading to many diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular, diabetes, thinning. bone ... Even though some people look relatively thin, there is still a lot of fat accumulated inside the body.

How to lose belly fat?

Walk every day

Walking is not too difficult but is helpful in reducing belly fat. This exercise is extremely simple but helps the metabolism in the body go better. In addition, walking also helps you relax, reduce stress, thereby reducing the regulation of cortisol.

Walking is an effective exercise in reducing belly fat
Walking is an effective exercise in reducing belly fat


Yoga exercises are no stranger to us. Currently, the practice of Yoga is very popular with people of all ages. Yoga not only helps us have a good physique, ideal waistline, but also helps the body to be healthy, prevent some blood pressure, bone ... If you have not practiced Yoga, please register now. , will be very helpful for you to lose weight and have health benefits.

Yoga is an extremely useful method
Yoga is an extremely useful method

Weightlifting and shorter breaks between each inning

You always think weightlifting is an exercise for men and it will help your muscles become bigger. But there are also weightlifting exercises for women too! If you want to lose belly fat, try lifting weights at a heavier weight than usual. Heavy weights and a shorter break between periods will be effective in burning off excess fat. However, you should consider the weight of the weight when training and practicing the right techniques to prevent injury.

Use Venus 56 waistband to reduce belly fat

Besides performing the above methods, you should combine using the waistband to practice more effectively. But now there are a lot of waist belts on the market, so which products are good to choose, how to use them effectively and safely? Come to, you will be advised to choose the most appropriate and effective product. Besides, Venus 56 waistband belt also helps you own an ideal round, perfect body and prevent excess fat under the belly and waist. Let Venus 56 accompany you in regaining a good shape!

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