Jump rope - how to lose belly fat fast

Surely everyone knows, skipping rope is an exercise that requires the whole body to exercise and consume energy by body weight. Therefore, this is considered to be the fastest method of reducing belly fat which helps to burn fat 9 times more effectively than doing low-intensity exercises that require long time such as walking or jogging slowly ...

Besides supporting weight loss, these are not skipping belly fat effective but also bring many health benefits. But for the practice to achieve the desired results, the following venus56.com Will introduce you to the steps to perform this exercise offline!

Jump rope helps to lose weight, remove belly fat quickly
Jump rope helps to lose weight, remove belly fat quickly  

Why jump rope exercise helps reduce belly fat quickly

You will be amazed to learn that not only do belly fat reduction help burn more calories at the same time but the calorie burning effect of skipping belly fat can last up to 24 hours after training. episode. So this method really helps burn fat a lot more effectively thanks to the total calories burned.

When practicing jumping rope to reduce belly fat, the muscle bundle can also develop strong, muscles are also trained harder and the heart is circulated with blood to increase our cardiovascular endurance.

Skipping also has many health benefits
Skipping also has many health benefits

Some techniques and skipping exercises reduce belly fat properly

  1. Starting carefully before skipping is an important step

For any exercise other than skipping rope, warm-up is required. Before exercising, you need to move your knees and hips, especially the most impacted positions such as wrists, arms, ankles, knees, to avoid injuries during practice.

  1. Jump the rope at a speed like?

When starting the exercise, you should not jump rope for too long or at high speed. If you do so, your body will have a hard time adapting to that intensity. So, when you are new to the rope skipping exercise, losing belly fat, losing weight, you should do it at a moderate pace and increase gradually afterwards (about 60-70 times / minute), short time (2-3 minutes ).

Do not want to lose weight because you force yourself to jump quickly, nor need to jump too high. Experts also assert, control the leg, knee joints turned at a moderate height and the important factor is to maintain the training time, the longer the endurance, the better. Because skipping is a type of exercise that raises the heart rate to the point of burning fat, especially in the elimination of belly fat, compared to the way to lose weight by running and gym, the rope skipping exercise is highly appreciated.

  1. Ways to reduce belly fat

Method 1:

  • Launch the joints as indicated above
  • Jump the rope normally for 3 minutes to get your body used to it
  • Quick jump in just 20 seconds
  • Leap slow 40 seconds

Repeat this process for 15-20 minutes.

How to jump rope properly
Jump rope properly

Method 2:

  • Launch the joints as indicated above
  • Jump the rope normally for 3 minutes to get your body used to it
  • Jump fast for 30 seconds
  • 1 minute slow jump

Repeating the process within 15-20 minutes.

Method 3:

  • Launch the joints as indicated above
  • Jump the rope normally for 3 minutes to let your body get used to it
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Quick jump in 60 seconds

Repeating the process within 15-20 minutes.

Time to jump rope is always good?

Experts recommend jumping rope in the early morning or late evening. If you dance early in the morning, make sure to warm up carefully to avoid injury. And should not jump rope after 21h because as recommended after this time the body's body falls into a state of rest, avoiding strenuous activity is not good for health.

Things to keep in mind when jumping rope

Jump rope properly helps reduce belly fat, slim legs, increase height.

Do not dance when the stomach is too hungry or too full, take a break after eating about 1 hour and 30 minutes before dancing, and should exercise well and rest when you feel tired.

After the jump rope is complete, relax, this time should walk lightly for blood vessels to slowly descend.

In order for the exercise to not be counterproductive, you absolutely must not eat or drink anything immediately after the exercise. Because now your body has consumed a lot of energy, so the demand for food is very high, if you meet, the desire to lose weight of your body will not be as expected.

You should jump rope on the wooden floor and it is best to wear soft shoes when dancing to avoid hurting the joints in the feet.

The first time you should exercise just your own strength, after the endurance of the body increases then you should gradually increase the volume and duration of exercise to give the body time to adapt and exercises to achieve a high weight loss effect. than.

The result after properly skipping training
The result after properly skipping training

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