30-minute exercises to reduce belly fat effectively

Losing belly fat is always the desire of many women to help slim round 2. However, reducing belly fat takes a lot of time when having to go to the gym. But do not worry, exercises Venus56 Share in the article below you just spent 30 minutes reducing belly fat every day, very safe, effective, but not too time-consuming.

Lose belly fat fast by doing yoga

Yoga is a very effective method of reducing belly fat, not only that, yoga also helps you relax, avoid stress conditions. Yoga is also quite simple, just spending 30 minutes a day, women can reduce belly fat with the following extremely simple movements:

Yoga is a safe and effective method of reducing belly fat
Yoga is a safe and effective method of reducing belly fat

First spread a small carpet, lying on your back and stretching your legs, placing your hands on your hips. Then slowly bend your knees toward your chest, use your arms to hold your legs and exhale slightly. Then, raise your head slowly and touch your knees.

  • Hold this position for about 2-3 minutes, breathing gently, evenly.
  • When you release, loosen your arms, pull to the sides and place your hands on the floor.
  • Repeat this exercise several times for about 30 minutes.

Note: With the movements in this yoga exercise will not be suitable for pregnant women who are suffering from back pain, herniated disc, ...

Lose belly fat fast with Gym exercises

If you do not have too much time to go to the gym, the basic abdominal exercises below will help you reduce belly fat effectively, simplest.

  • Lie on your back on the floor, putting your hands gently behind your head.
  • Slowly lift yourself up, take a deep breath and bend your stomach and bend toward your knees, try to keep the bottom of your buttocks always lying on the floor, without bending.
  • Repeat this motion several times for about 30 minutes.
Crunching is an effective way to tone your abs
Crunching is an effective way to tone your abs

Note: The exercise is quite simple but follow the steps to get the best effect, at the beginning of the exercise, it can be a bit difficult to bend, but try to get a slim waist!

Lose belly fat at home with weight loss drinks

With the current development of the internet, women can easily search for detox recipes to use weight loss aids very effectively. Drinking detox every day not only reduces excess fat, but also helps the body purify in the most natural way. The following are some easy-to-prepare and highly effective detox:

  • Green tea Detox - aloe vera.
  • Watermelon Detox.
  • Orange and Detox flowers.

Note: Drinking detox will support weight loss very effectively, but do not overdo it, but often drink more water to have the best health.

How to reduce postpartum belly fat by massage techniques

The reduction of belly fat after birth is very necessary, because after birth your body will build up a lot of excess fat and gain a lot of weight. So, the massage will help reduce the amount of excess abdominal fat will be significantly reduced. The massage is also quite simple, please do as follows:

Massage is a safe and effective weight loss therapy
Massage is a safe and effective weight loss therapy
  • Apply a small amount of massage oil to the palms and rub both hands until feeling warm.
  • Place your hands in your abdomen and rub them clockwise around the navel. Do this for about 10 minutes.
  • Lie on your back, use your arms to gently hug your waist and swipe from your chest to your butt, doing this gentle movement for about 10 minutes.
  • After finishing the massage, you should use both hands to rub both the hips and the abdomen, when rubbing, remember to stroke from the navel to the sides until heated.

Note: With this gesture, it will not be suitable for people suffering from diseases such as: High blood pressure, problems with gallbladder, uterus, bladder and not taken immediately after eating.

Effective fast belly fat reduction by steam

Sauna is also an effective method to reduce belly fat. Just sit in the sauna and use your hands to gently massage the excess fat on the body.

Saunas are great for reducing belly fat
Saunas are great for reducing belly fat

When steaming, the heat of water helps burn fat directly on the skin surface. About 30 minutes of sauna is equivalent to walking for 45 minutes, will help to consume up to 600 kcal in the body.

With exercises only takes 30 minutes reducing belly fat With the above effect, I hope that it will help you to choose for yourself the most appropriate training method. If you still have questions or need more advice on methods to lose weight, reduce belly fat. Please visit the website Venus56.com so that the consultants can help you answer the questions about losing weight and reducing belly fat in the safest and most effective way.

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