The most effective ways to reduce postpartum abdominal fat are often used

All mothers after giving birth have a serious problem of beauty degradation, of which round 2 is the most directly and most affected place. It's hard to lose weight and get rid of excess fat when after the caesarean section mothers have to limit physical activity and exercise to recover, right? So what is the measure? Today There are still ways to guide you about reduce abdominal fat after caesarean section What is the effective but safe solution?

Belly fat is always a hot topic of women after cesarean
Belly fat is always a hot topic of women after cesarean  

You need to pay attention to the diet to reduce belly fat after caesarean section

You should always update yourself on the right food knowledge to have a diet that is suitable for the body, this will help your diet without being deficient in the supply of breast milk and again. Do not excess too much energy leading to belly fat.

You should not overdo the old diets such as eating lots of pork papaya soup, which has been proven not to make more milk, but to make condensed milk and cause energy accumulation. excess weight and increased belly fat. Know how to combine many other foods to have a menu to make enough milk but not fat.

Diet is directly related to body fat
Diet is directly related to body fat

Just apply the following food combinations and you have a proper diet:

  • Avoid fatty meats and eat lean meats that are high in protein or eat fish that will be very nutritious but low in fat.
  • Every day, you should provide 1 cool fruit for the body and drink enough water, this will provide the body with a fiber with the electrolyte of water, which will accelerate the process of eliminating belly fat quickly. .
  • Starchy foods such as potatoes, rice or glutinous starches should be reduced, limiting foods high in starch will prevent excess energy leading to belly fat. Combine low-carb diets and replace them with nuts and seeds rich in vitamins and minerals that will be good for breast milk and avoid belly fat.

Lose belly fat by feeding your baby often, both good for the mother and the baby

Nutrition experts have always encouraged breastfeeding, because breast milk contains a full range of nutrients that help the baby develop comprehensively, enhance immunity and be smarter. Did you know that accidentally this helps mothers lose weight after birth? Studies of nutrition experts have shown that every hour of breastfeeding will help mothers consume about 800 calories with the calories that 650g of white rice provides. For postpartum women, postpartum caesarean section is a must, so breastfeeding is a very safe way to reduce fat but very beneficial to the baby.

Breastfeeding is also an effective way to reduce belly fat
Breastfeeding is also an effective way to reduce belly fat

How to reduce belly fat after cesarean with herbal salt compresses.

This is a method that traditional medicine has been handed down for a long time, the use of hot salt and roasted herbs helps the herbs in salt quickly penetrate the skin and make the tiny blood vessels in the abdomen expand faster. Abdominal fat removal when applied. Applying a belly with salt and herbs is a highly safe method for pregnant women, because ingredients such as salt and herbs are all natural ingredients. Helping slimmer waistline after a period of perseverance and at the same time prevent sagging, aging the skin of the abdomen and toning the belly to help pregnant women regain charm 2.

Hot compresses with salt and herbs help reduce belly fat after birth
Hot compresses with salt and herbs help reduce belly fat after birth

Steps to perform a hot compress:

  • First, you need to prepare yourself a pack of thin cloth, 1kg of salt and synthetic herbs purchased at the oriental medicine store. Put the roasted salt in an ice pack with herbs and you can do it.
  • Make herbal salt compresses twice a day.
  • Mothers-elected postpartum should note that hot compresses should not be applied during the first 10 days after cesarean delivery to avoid affecting the incision that has not healed and to avoid applying it to the incision.

Hot salt and herbal compresses are a popular and effective method of reducing belly fat. With the moderate heat of the compresses and the soft scent of herbs this is also a great way to relax mentally.


So, through the article, pregnant women know how to pay attention to their diet and know more about weight loss methods, now you only need to apply those methods seriously and regular. Perseverance and determination a bit, the results will quickly smile for you, thank you for watching this article about how to reduce belly fat after caesarean section our, visit to update more useful information.

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