Methods to reduce belly fat quickly

After giving birth or having to work in a passive environment, sitting too much makes your round more and more fat. Abdominal fat is always the hardest position to "kill", despite trying hard diet. Because of wanting to reduce belly fat, many women ignored their health and money but the results were not very feasible. Today, Venus will share with you the methods of making reduce belly fat fast, the safest. Please take some time to learn about this information.

Losing belly fat has never been this easy
Losing belly fat has never been this easy  
  1. Reduce belly fat quickly, effectively with fresh lemon

Lemon is always an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen of every home. Perhaps, lemons are the most useful food, from making food, preparing drinking water, making sauces, treating inflammation, deodorizing, antibacterial, improving resistance ...

Lemons contain a large amount of vitamin C, which helps detoxify the body effectively. Using lemon will help the body detoxify the liver and lungs and improve the digestive system, promote metabolism ...

Instead of drinking 2 liters of filtered water each day, you can use 1 lemon to squeeze in 2 liters of water to make it easier to drink. Using lemon juice without sugar is a method to detoxify the body, reduce belly fat effectively.

In the process of detoxification, weight loss for the body from fresh lemon. You pay attention to adjust your daily diet such as eating less starch, more vegetables, fruits, limiting junk food, sweets ...

  • Lose weight with salted lemon

If lemon juice is diluted without sugar, you are not satisfied with the taste. You can also use half a lemon mixed with 300ml of water and a little white salt to create a more aromatic flavor when drinking. If you do not have time, you can use lemon pickled with salt.

Drinking lemon juice helps to quickly blow away belly fat
Drinking lemon juice helps to quickly blow away belly fat
  • Lose belly fat fast with lemon + honey

To make this slim, slim-toned drink, you need to prepare 300ml of warm water, 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 lemon squeezed into the juice.

You will mix the mixture well and drink 30 minutes before meals, the best time to drink honey lemonade is morning and evening.

Reduce belly fat with lemon and honey
Reduce belly fat with lemon and honey
  1. Lose belly fat by drinking hot tea and eating bananas

Many women choose to skip breakfast to have a slimmer stomach. However, not eating breakfast only makes your body feel hungrier during the day and makes you eat more. The best way to complete a high-calorie breakfast and support weight loss is to use 1-2 bananas.

Bananas not only provide energy for your morning activities. But this food also helps improve the digestive system, relieve stress very well.

If possible, after eating bananas, you should add a cup of green tea, rose tea, jasmine ... to drink. Because it will help the process of losing weight faster, giving you a comfortable spirit to start the job. However, for those of you with stomach problems, you should not use the last weight loss method because it will cause higher stomach acid.

  1. Reduce belly fat with sauna

Many women choose sauna to reduce belly fat. Each sauna about 30 minutes causes the body to consume a relatively large amount of energy. However, you need to pay attention not to use the sauna continuously for many hours because it can affect health. To reduce belly fat by the hill sauna method, you must be persistent.

Sauna is an effective way to reduce belly fat
Sauna is an effective way to reduce belly fat
  1. Massage belly with salt to reduce fat

Since ancient times, women have known how to use hot salt to reduce belly fat. Because abdominal massage with salt helps the body eliminate water and toxins out.

You only need to use about 3 teaspoons of granulated salt to mix with hot water to form a thick paste. Then clean the belly, air dry and apply salt, massage clockwise. After about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Then continue to apply a little more mosquitoes on the abdomen until warm feeling in the abdomen, relax for about 5 minutes and then wash the abdomen.

Use your waistband to kill loose fat

You can combine one of the above methods to reduce belly fat along with the shaped waistband.

When using Venus waistband shaping belt, you will be more confident when wearing clothes because it helps you to "temporarily" hide excess fat. If used every day for about 2 months, combined with scientific diet, you can shrink the size of the round 2, pepper belly fat.

Because the waistband has a good material, the size is suitable for the body shape, so you can use it all day without feeling uncomfortable.

Venus waistband shaping slimming belt Venus56 has always been a reliable "companion" to help women get their dream shape.

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