Unexpected Effects Of Belly Fat Cream

Cream melting belly fat and dangers - Until now, "excess fat" is a problem many people encounter. The women are especially interested in this issue. Excess fat not only makes you inferior to your body, not wearing your favorite religious clothes but also can cause obesity, hypertension, fat in the blood, ... but exercising does not bring about too quickly. quickly and needing long-term perseverance that makes people frustrated.

So many people have resorted to diet, weight loss, waistband ... besides a method that many people apply is to use fat melting cream without knowing side effects. of this item like. Venus56.com will reveal to you Unexpected effects of melting belly fat cream. Stay tuned!

The body "plump" makes the women inferiority 
The body "plump" makes the women inferiority

Melting cream on the market is advertised with many attractive slogans such as "Reduce from 8 - 10cm within the first 2 weeks of use" or "Apply is beautiful, dab is thin". Information about many types of fat melting creams is rampant on social networks. With the speed and convenience of defrosting cream, it has attracted many busy and reluctant women to exercise. Although sold at a price not inferior to expensive high-end cosmetics, but because of its "divine" effect, no one spared money to own a melted cream.

The effect of abdominal fat melting cream as effective as advertising?

Currently on the market there are hundreds of fat melting creams with ads to help reduce fat, slim body is "storming" for those who want to reduce fat quickly. But according to doctors, no one has ever spoken out about the true effectiveness of the melting cream.

Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc (Department of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City) said that currently no cosmetic products applied to the skin have the effect of dispelling the fat layer accumulated deep under the skin. He also said: “The essence of reducing to 6cm of the waist is due to the application of cream and hot roll dehydrate the creamed area, deceiving the feeling of the user. After using the product, users will find themselves slimmer, firmer but when the body is rehydrated, the body will return to its original state.

Melting creams are widespread in the market 
Melting creams are widespread in the market

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Moreover, experts say, the ingredients in cream from ginger, chili, natural herbs ... cannot penetrate into the skin quickly and melt the fat layer deep below. So ads that melt belly fat, hips or thighs are a myth. There is a doctor who confirmed that melting fat cream has a hot skin firming effect, making users feel that their body is more compact.

In addition, the melting cream has skin care, exfoliating on the skin. Makes skin look bright white, smooth and firmer. Unaware of the side effects so deep inside think this is a safe product to use.

Dr. Huynh Huy Hoang (Head of Treatment Department A, Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital) said that there were a number of women who lost weight by using melted cream and had to be hospitalized because of hot ingredients like chili. , ginger, ... irritant used on thin skin, then applied to irritate the skin accordingly. Those with mild allergies only have a red, itchy rash on the spot. In severe allergic cases, there will be blistering, blistering, watery and allergy-causing acne. There have been many cases of atopic dermatitis caused by using fat-soluble cream, which takes a long time to cure.

The dermatitis  
The dermatitis

In fact, fat-soluble creams have a very short shelf life, after which the fat accumulation takes place again. If the melting cream is really effective and safe, you do not need to diet and exercise like many people do. Melting creams can be safe when used in a short time from well-known companies to ensure safety, avoid skin allergies.

The famous fat melting creams  
The famous fat melting creams

The fat layer usually accumulates deep under the skin in the main areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks ... and is subject to the effects of female hormonal changes, with complex diets. The older the woman, the unscientific diet and the less sedentary will easily lead to fat accumulation on the body.

Instead of using dangerous fat-melting cream, you have a simple, effective and safer way to reduce belly fat, which is to use the waist-reducing gene to shape the waist of venus56. Moreover, Venus56 also recruited a system of retail agents for this product.

Unexpected Effects of Belly Fat Cream 1

And venus56.com recommend that women should have a nutritious diet and reasonable campaign schedule to avoid obesity, adversely affecting health. Unexpected effects of fat melting cream can hurt our body. So before you have to learn thoroughly, creams are derived and avoid excessive abuse of the cream. Thank you for following all the posts beauty news, please continue to support venus56.com to have useful information for life offline!

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