Sitting positions to reduce belly fat most effectively

Have you ever wondered why your body is not fat but your waistline is increasing over time? Or why eat less but still bulge round 2 confidence when wearing the body hugging clothes? For answers to those questions, let's find out about Sitting postures to reduce belly fat in the following article

There are many causes of abdominal obesity
There are many causes of abdominal obesity  

The cause of belly fat and sitting posture to reduce belly fat

According to experts, a lot of belly fat is due to the formation of fat deposits from fat, there are many causes of this condition. Some of the main causes of bloated belly fat include:

  • Due to genetic genes: Maybe the genes are inherited from parents, so the second round has a lot of fat is due to genes, not other causes.
  • Unreasonable diet: It may be due to the excessive daily use of greasy dishes such as fried and fried foods. Or have a habit of eating late after 9pm, this time after eating, the body will not exercise much and go to sleep, causing excess fat accumulation.
  • Drinking too much alcoholic beverages like alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are the enemy of the second round, which is also the main reason causing you to get belly fat.
  • Sitting in the wrong position when working: There have been studies and showing that: When working, if you sit crouched without your back straight, your body will form a C-shape, this time the abdomen will be pressed and pressed down. , this will stimulate the abdominal area to accumulate excess fat here.

Sitting in the wrong position is one of the main causes of the most abdominal fat, to overcome this situation as soon as possible, apply the following sitting postures.

How to sit without belly fat

  • When working, try to sit up straight, not hunched or crouched.
  • Train your body to sit upright even when sitting or standing.
  • When working, keep your legs parallel for the most comfortable posture, avoiding crossing your legs or crossing your legs will affect blood circulation.
To effectively reduce belly fat, sit in the correct posture
To effectively reduce belly fat, sit in the correct posture

Ways to reduce belly fat effectively

Here are exercises as well as sitting postures to avoid accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen, please refer to offline!

Knee Pull-ins exercises

This is an exercise that can be applied at the desk, without losing time or having to go far away, you can still practice these movements.

The posture of working while simple but highly effective
The posture of working while simple but highly effective

Proceed as follows:

  • Sit in a chair with your legs parallel and sit up straight for the most comfortable posture.
  • Raise your right knee up to your chest, hold your knees still with your hands, and breathe deeply and gently.
  • Apply both knees for about 30 minutes to complete the exercise.

Double Knee Lift hip fat reduction exercises

This is the practice method recommended by experts, with simple movements as follows:

  • Sit in a chair, keep your feet relaxed, so that your knees touch and sit up straight.
  • Hold both sides of the chair firmly with your hands, hold your back straight, lift gradually so that both knees touch your chest, don't let your knees separate.
  • Next, gently lower your foot to prevent touching the ground and breathe back regularly.
  • Repeat this pose for 15 to 30 minutes to get the best effect.

How to sit down belly fat with Oblique Pull Ups exercises

To do the Oblique Pull Ups exercise, do the following:

  • Sitting on a chair, put your hands on your hips, turn to one side and lift your lower body.
  • Repeat as you would in the double knee lift above.
  • Repeat the movements on both sides.
  • Do this at least 30 times daily to get the best effect.
Sitting exercises are an effective way to lose weight
Sitting exercises are an effective way to lose weight

Floor Reaches Exercise

This exercise is also the way many people choose because it is easy to perform but the effect is quite good.

  • Sitting on a chair of a moderate height, make sure that the soles of the feet reach the ground and keep the back straight.
  • Spread your arms wide, turning gently while bending down and leaning slightly so that the tips of your fingers touch the tips of your toes.
  • Perform movements on both sides of the person.
  • Repeat this pose at least 20 times a day to reduce belly fat most effectively.

Above are the exercises with Sitting postures to reduce belly fat Best, apply immediately to help reduce belly fat regain round 2 slim and attractive right away. If you still have problems or need more advice on methods to reduce belly fat. Please contact now Venus56 by visiting the website so that experts can support, advise more on safe and effective weight loss methods.

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