High Intensive Interval Training - Hiit effective way to lose belly fat

Fat accumulation in the body will create excess fat mass causing abdominal obesity, weight gain. Fatty is a problem for many people around the world because they can also be a sign of heart disease or arterial blockage ... So we have many ways to fly body fat, one of the best options we should choose is the method High Intensive Interval Training - Hiit. Let's venus56.com Find out what this method is.

Hiit exercises are methods of losing weight urgently
Hiit exercises are methods of losing weight urgently  

Learn about High Intensive Interval Training - Hiit

As a type of high-intensity exercise for a short time and then intermittent, the High Intensive Interval Training method is abbreviated Hiit. Characterized by squeezing the body into full capacity, this exercise is rated as the best exercise to reduce belly fat.

 Hiit exercise was studied and tested by scientists at the University of New South Wales on 45 overweight women in 2 months. Half of people will practice normally and the other half practice Hiit with high-intensity exercise in 30 seconds, after which the results showed that people using Hiit method reduced the amount of 3 times more fat than people who do regular exercises. This surprising result made people choose Hiit method as the first exercise in reducing belly fat.

So how to practice Hiit science?

Hiit exercises are a method of hitting the fitness of the practitioner in a short time, which puts great pressure on the beginners of Hiit training. Most of them are exhausted, feel depressed and want to give up, so what is the solution? If you do not have high fitness, then what you should do is just practice Hiit 1 to 2 times a week, not more exercise so that the body can get used to and adapt. After you've exercised for a while and are more confident about your strength, you can increase the number of training days to 3 to 4 in a week.

Basic HIIT exercises

The note for beginners to familiarize with Hiit exercise is only practice 1 set in 20 seconds and the interval between periods is 10 seconds. Still hungry for you in better shape we can start practicing with Hiit in 30 to 40 seconds and rest only about 7 seconds between each half.

Hiit exercises to reduce belly fat
Hiit exercises to reduce belly fat

Detailed instruction of steps of Hiit exercises to reduce fat

Practicing Hiit we first need to prepare a dedicated training mat because there are many physical exercises that will touch the ground, so the practice mat is a necessary item. Join us for the first exercise.

Crunch exercises

With the position lying on the carpet with legs spread shoulder width, feet touching the carpet, back touching the carpet, raise the upper body, fix the lower body and lower the upper body. Repeat this exercise in a short time and have completed the Crunch.

Plank exercise

This is a static movement, you will have to stay in this position for about 30 seconds at a time. first place your hands on the mat, keeping the back and neck in a straight line, the toes touching the floor raised and tightening the abdominal muscles, make sure that the hips are lower than the back.

Exercise Mountain Climber

This exercise will start with the Plank posture that we have instructed above, then draw the left leg close to the knee on the abdomen, the tip of the foot should not touch the carpet, continue with the right foot and change back and forth about 20 times.

Push up exercises

Also an exercise that starts with Plank, this gesture speaks in a way that is inhaled. Do it very simply with the following steps, using the force of the arms to lower themselves close to the ground and lift back to Plank, repeat about 15 to 20 times in a practice.

Hiit burns a lot of calories in a short time
Hiit burns a lot of calories in a short time

Summary and necessary notes when you practice Hiit

As exercises that consume a lot of strength, you should prepare yourself with a high determination, perseverance and set yourself a goal to strive for. Work out exercises in the morning from 5 to 7 hours and in the afternoon from 17 to 19 hours to achieve a high efficiency in burning calories.

High Intensive Interval Training - Hiit effective way to reduce belly fat 1

Remember to warm up before practicing Hiit, have yourself a watch or phone to press the exact time for the exercises, avoid leaving your body dehydrated. Eat a little before training to give the body enough energy for exercise but do not eat too full and perform exercise with increasing difficulty.

Method High Intensive Interval Training - Hiit how to reduce belly fat This will be more effective when combined with the right diet. Above are the detailed instructions that we have successfully applied, wish you will find a balanced body with this Hiit practice. Please visit the website Venus56.com to be able to update more information about health and aesthetics.

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