What is the best gene to use?

Using the waistband to narrow the waist 2 is no stranger to each of us. When life is too busy, do not have much exercise time, wearing the waist harness gene is the most convenient solution to get in shape. So use What kind of garter gene Best? Where to buy genes to ensure quality? Venus invites you to find out information through the article below.

What is the waist harness gene?

Garter belt is also known by many other names such as: Belt, corset ...

Garter belt is understood simply as a product that functions to shrink the waist and shape the body. Belts seem to have become a "companion" of postpartum mothers, office sisters.

Why choose a belt that is not another product?

For office ladies, due to the nature of their work, they do not have time to exercise. Perhaps you have tried to minimize the amount of food intake, but the stomach is still oversized. Therefore, using the waistband even when going to work helps women wear better clothes, support tightening loose fat in the abdomen and without it have the opportunity to invade other areas of the body.

Particularly for the mother diaper postpartum, abdominal skin will show signs of sagging, fat accumulation but there is no time to exercise. Therefore, wearing a waistband while taking care of the baby and doing housework will help you regain round 2 toned faster.

Garter belt helps shape the second round
Garter belt helps shape the second round  

Criteria for selecting the garter belt

  • Material has good elasticity

When choosing the garter you need to consider the material of the product. Garter belt must be made of materials with good elasticity, not too soft and not too hard. Especially must be able to absorb sweat so as not to be uncomfortable when exercising, causing mysteries and skin diseases.

Belts must be the type with good elastic material
Belts must be the type with good elastic material
  • Size

You need to measure your waist to choose the size of the waistband gene accordingly. Using a small waistband causes pain and discomfort. However, if you use a too wide waistband, there is no effect of tightening the waist.

What kind of belly corsage gene is good?

On the market today, there are many different types of waist harness genes, meeting certain needs of customers. However, each type of belt will have its own characteristics to show product quality.

  1. Garter belt anti-roll

This is a type of waist harness gene designed in the style of waist harness gene pants, worn directly into the body. The waistband of the gene pants hugs the body and is as high as the breast. Therefore, in addition to shrinking the waist, the product also supports round 3 to create a balanced, seductive physique.

Garter belt easy to use and bring slim physique when worn
Garter belt easy to use and bring slim physique when worn

Anti-roll waistbelt genes are usually made of soft, elastic and breathable elastic material. Especially, the waist harness gene helps to slim the waist and does not reveal or steal even when wearing tight clothes.

  1. Genes elastic waistband elastic material

This is the type of waist harness gene that is soft and smooth. However, because there are genes for the waist harnesses that do not have a roll bar, it can be uncomfortable to wear up. Not only that, but after a while using the gene is easy to stretch.

  1. Latex tummy gene

Latex waistband gene is preferred by many women today. Latex is a type of waistband made of soft rubber material and lined with a layer of elastic fabric inside. The waistband has a roll anti-roll bar and helps to shape the round 2 more clearly. When wearing the waist harness gene will quickly be tightened to create a good physique, creating an upright position for the spine bone.

Latex waistband makes sense of comfort
Latex waistband makes sense of comfort
  1. Shaping abdominal gene

This type of shaping harness gene is produced in Vietnam and is capable of shaping the second round quite well. Belt buckle is a combination of elastic elastic fabric material and outer mesh to create air. The waist harness gene has 2 stickers for you to shape your round 2.

Venus56 Belt Buckle - Perfect choice

If you feel uneasy about choosing a school belt like this. You can choose Vunes56 waistband to regain your attractive 56 waist.

Venus56 waistband ensure all criteria such as:

  • High quality materials, good elasticity, absorbent sweat.
  • Standard size for Asian women form, with roll bars and sizes for each round 2 measurements.
  • The ability to hug the body and squeeze the ring well, creating perfect hourglass curve, shaping the spine.
  • Affordable price and outstanding durability.

You can contact our advice center directly via the web address venus56.com. Thank you for your interest in tracking posts.

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