Use salt and ginger to reduce belly fat at home

Salt and ginger and the two ingredients are very common and necessary in our daily lives and you have never been Use salt and ginger to reduce belly fat not yet? Follow this article to learn how folk use salt and ginger to reduce belly fat like.

Reduce fat with salt and ginger in folk
Reduce fat with salt and ginger in folk

Ginger is a plant that not only plays a good role in cuisine but also is a valuable medicine for Oriental medicine. Ginger has a warming effect in the body, helps the metabolism to occur better, making the body's fat cannot accumulate much. And ginger also became an effective method for women in beauty and weight loss, fat melting. Salt helps balance life better, sounds very confusing right? Because salt has nation (negative) and cation (positive). When using salt to roast the belly will bring great effect for the process of destroying excess fat

Combine salt and roasted wormwood

2 ingredients of wormwood and roasted salt are widely used in Eastern medicine. And here is how to combine these 2 ingredients for your reference:

We need:

- 1kg of salt.

- 1 bunch of mugwort.

- 1 piece of cloth or thick towel.


- Step 1: Wash wormwood, drain clean.

- Step 2: Roasted wormwood on the stove until the wormwood color changed.

- Step 3: After the mugwort has changed color, add the prepared salt to it. Stir until the mixture turns golden black.

- Step 4: Pour the roasted mixture just into a towel or thick cloth prepared. Applying to the abdomen, the heat from the salt and wormwood will melt fat slowly and effectively, without causing discomfort to the abdomen.

Use a mixture of roasted salt and mugwort
Use a mixture of roasted salt and mugwort

Dissolve belly fat with roasted salt

This is a method passed down by ancient Hue women. According to Oriental medicine, this is a way to reduce back pain or nerve pain caused. Especially for melting belly fat, you should use this method regularly every day because this is a fairly effective and safe method.

We need: 

- 1kg of salt.

- 1 thick cloth or sheet.


- Step 1: Roast salt on the pan to really hot.

- Step 2: When the salt is hot enough, pour salt into a towel or cloth prepared (should use a breathable but still thick enough to avoid skin burns).

- Step 3: Place a salt towel on your stomach and apply it until it is cooled. When the salt towel cools, you can also microwave it and continue using it.

When applying a salt towel to your abdomen, you should combine it with gentle massaging movements to increase the effect.You can also relax your mind when applying salt to your abdomen.

Put salt on your stomach in a folk way
Put salt on your stomach in a folk way

How to reduce belly fat with salt and ginger

We need: 

- 1kg of salt

- 1kg ginger

- 1 cotton towel or thick cloth bag


- Step 1: Rinse fresh ginger, drain then mince and mix with salt in a ratio of 1: 1.

- Step 2: After mixing, roast to a very hot mixture.

- Step 3: When the mixture is hot, put it into a towel or a thick cloth, to gently apply on the abdomen.

This way the muscles and blood vessels work evenly, melting excess fat faster because it helps to increase blood circulation. We should do it 1-2 times daily, about 10 minutes each time.

Dissolve belly fat effectively with salt and ginger
Dissolve belly fat effectively with salt and ginger

Attention when using salt and ginger melt fat

- Never apply salt to the wound to avoid serious burning.

- When applying hot salt, use a thick towel or cloth to avoid burns, burning in the abdomen, severe skin damage.

- After the application, you can use the salt you applied, but after 2.3 mistakes, you should replace the salt for a better effect.

- Use a very clean, no impurities salt to avoid allergies to the skin

- In order to achieve a good effect, in the process of applying salt, it is necessary to combine a moderation diet and regular exercise.

- Eating a lot of vegetables, eating scientifically not only helps to reduce belly fat but also helps our health better.

And those are the ways to Use salt and ginger to reduce belly fat The most effective and safe way. Help us get the body, waist that we always wanted. This will not only help us reduce fat but also can treat back pain, muscle aches and even stress. You should apply every day for good results. Thank you for your support through this article. We hope to give you the most useful and necessary information. Please join us through the other articles of the site.

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