Does the low carb diet reduce belly fat effectively?

Menu Low - Carb reduce belly fat Known as one of the effective diet methods when applied in reducing weight and reducing belly fat of women. Although the method has only recently appeared, it has been well received by many people because the effectiveness it brings is beyond our imagination. To know more about this type of menu, everyone, let us explore the following article.

Low-Carb menu is very good at reducing belly fat
Low-Carb menu is very good at reducing belly fat  

How does the Low-Carb diet work?

Low-Carb menu is one of the diets without starches but does not reduce health like other types of diet. Besides, this way of eating is also very comfortable but except for foods containing starch.

For Low-carb diets will also help you stabilize blood sugar in the body. In addition, the Low - Carb menu also helps keep cholesterol low and blood pressure stable.

This is really one of the great diets for people who are obese, overweight, want to lose belly fat and especially good for people with diabetes.

Notes on the foods should and should not in the menu Low - Carb for you want to lose weight, reduce belly fat.

  1. Food groups should eat

  • Meat: Including pork, beef, chicken, and sheep are all foods that people can eat.
  • Seafood: Including sea fish, shrimp, crabs and freshwater fish is strongly recommended as they are low in fat.
  • Eggs: Eggs contain lots of Omega-3s which will be good for your health.
  • Vegetables: Including all types of vegetables like cauliflower, shrimps, broccoli or other tubers (except starchy tubers like potatoes, corn, etc.)
  • Nuts: Including walnuts, sunflower, almonds, ...
  • Milk: Includes yogurt and low-sugar milk.
  • Oil: Including vegetable oil, olive oil, butter, ...
Eat non-starchy foods
Eat non-starchy foods
  1. Food groups should not be eaten

  • Starch and sugar: Include noodles, bread, cereals; soft drinks, carbonated soft drinks, candy and including rice.
  • Oil with Omega-6 ingredients such as soybean oil, sunflower oil, ..
  • Pre-made foods like canned foods.
Foods high in starch and sugar
Foods high in starch and sugar
  1. Here's how to follow the Low-Carb diet the best

  • You must pay attention before buying a food.
  • Do not eat a lot of fruit every day.
  • Everyone can have a few chocolates if they want.
  • You can eat legumes such as, black beans, green beans to be added to your Low - Carb diet.
  • You can eat whenever you feel hungry.

Low - Carb menu for 7 days

When you go on a low-carb diet, it is not necessary to calculate how many calories you should consume if you are still losing weight. When applying this method, you still need to load and about 80 - 120 grams, depending on body weight and total energy / calories loaded.

Because in the diet Low - Carb is divided into 4 stages, these 4 stages differ in that the amount of carbs loaded, and the protein and fat are relatively similar.

Here's how to follow the Low - Carb diet for 7 days

Day 1:

  • Morning: Mixed coconut oil served with a fried egg.
  • Lunch: 1 jar of yogurt with almonds
  • Evening: Ground burger served with cheese and vegetables. Remember not to eat bread.

2nd day:

  • Morning: 3 slices of bacon and 1 egg.
  • Noon: Minced meat or wood cooked with broccoli, boiled bacon.
  • Evening: Grilled chicken and boiled vegetables.
Low - Carb menu for 7 days
Low - Carb menu for 7 days

3rd day:

  • Morning: Omelette, bacon.
  • Noon: Lean cabbage soup, fried squid.
  • In the evening: Gourd is cooked with mussel and guise leaves.

4th day:

  • Morning: Salad mixed with 1 egg.
  • Lunch: An optional protein-rich food with a Salad mixed with coconut oil
  • Evening: Boiled vegetables.

Day 5:

  • Morning: Fried chicken breast
  • Lunch: Crab soup with jute spinach, natural fried cotton with meat, steamed shrimp.
  • Evening: Eggplant soup cooked with bacon.

6th day:

  • Morning: Strawberry mixed with whipped cream, Butter salad.
  • Lunch: Stir-fried mushroom with beef, pork without starch, Su su boiled.
  • In the evening: Pig's feet are dipped in salt and pepper, boiled spinach.

7th day:

  • Morning: Bacon and eggs
  • Lunch: Boiled spinach and grilled chicken wings
  • Evening: Salad mixed with chicken breast.

With Low - Carb menu will help you lose belly fat, lose weight very effectively especially in the first stage about 1 or 2 weeks.

You should also note that the daily intake of carbs for each person is different. Therefore, you need to rely on your body, body, health, height and weight to have the best effect. In addition, everyone also needs to practice regularly to bring the best effect for this Low - Carb menu method.

Through the above article venus56 Hope to help you a little bit more helpful on the word diet menu Low - Carb reduce belly fat so that you can get an effective way to reduce it. To learn more about other ways to lose weight and reduce belly fat, you can refer to the website hey.

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