Why is it so hard for lower belly fat to decrease?

Lower belly fat is one of the worries of women today. Which is the main reason leading to this situation is due to the nature of the work of people, no time to practice, sit much ... affect fat accumulation in the buttocks and abdomen.

Lower belly fat makes it difficult for you to find yourself the right set of clothes, moreover the hard tissue also presses on the internal organs, which affects much to health. So the question is is it difficult to reduce lower belly fat? Let's venus56 Find out the above question.

How to reduce belly fat effectively
How to reduce belly fat effectively   

In particular, reducing belly fat requires longer training process than losing weight in other places such as waist, thighs, biceps, etc.So if you are not patient and apply properly Lower belly fat will have the opposite effect.

And one of the mistakes that women often make when practicing to lose belly fat is that the diet is wrong, massaging too hard, exercising too much, sleeping, unscientific activities and drinking less water.

Lower belly fat makes it difficult for people to choose clothes
Lower belly fat makes it difficult for people to choose clothes
  1. Reduce lower belly fat by using Roasted Salt

Reduce lower belly fat by the roasted salt method. This is one of the very effective ways for women after only one month of practice and is applied by many women.

When heated, salt will produce heat, the heat in the salt is kept long, which helps to liquefy the stubborn fat in the lower abdomen, helping the process of evaporating fat faster, preventing sagging. For you have a slim belly.

In addition, salt also works very well in melting dead cells and unclog pores.

Roasted salt works to reduce lower belly fat
Roasted salt works to reduce lower belly fat

Here's how to make roasted salt:

- People need to prepare (100gr) hot roasted salt then use a clean cloth or cloth wrapped with salt and then apply directly to the lower abdomen. And keep for 30-45 minutes and then continue to roast and then do the same as above. If you try to do it once a day for about 60 minutes, it will help you dispel the lower fat quickly.

- In addition, you can also use mugwort in combination with salt, which is both good for health and helps to fight fat.


- You prepare a handful of mugwort leaves, washed and drained then put on a hot roasted stove. Salt is also roasted and mixed for about 10 minutes. Then use a dry washcloth or dry cloth, immediately roasted wormwood and hot salt, then put in a clean towel wrapped around the abdomen for 1 hour.

Everyone should do it twice a week to help you lose fat effectively.

  1. Reduce lower belly fat with lemon juice

Lemons contain a lot of acid and vitamin C, so using lemon to reduce belly fat is extremely effective.

Great effect of lemon juice when using to reduce lower belly fat
Great effect of lemon juice when using to reduce lower belly fat


- People need to prepare 1 lemon and 700ml of boiled water to cool. Then squeeze the juice of lemon juice and then mix with filtered water, to prevent cool drink instead of filtered water.

- You should drink before eating and limit sweets and fat. People should pay attention in the morning not to drink too much. Because lemon contains a lot of acid, can affect your stomach and health.

In addition, you can also apply lemon juice directly to massage on the abdomen about 30 minutes a day to bring the best effect. Pay attention when gently massage, limiting damage to the skin of the abdomen.

  1. Abdominal massage

When we massage will help stimulate the blood vessels, support digestion, increase metabolic activity very well for the body. Besides, the use of massage directly on the lower fat belly will help to heat, liquefy and reduce excess fat quickly.

Reduce lower belly fat by massaging each day
Reduce lower belly fat by massaging each day


- You use both hands to press firmly on the lower abdomen, then scroll in the direction from top to bottom and from left to right. Just do it regularly, at least 20 times a day. Then, rub your hands clockwise in the lower abdomen about 15 times. It will bring unexpected effect to you.

  1. Drinking water helps people reduce lower belly fat

The regular drinking of water will help you boost metabolism, eliminate toxins in the body out. People need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to help skin plump as well as promote weight loss and belly fat reduction.

Through the article on hope to help people have a method of reduction lower belly fat The most effective way. Besides, you should also regularly practice every day to be able to bring yourself a healthy body with a slim waistline so that you can wear the lovely outfit as well as more confident. when interacting with people.

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