Top the most effective exercises to reduce belly fat before sleep

You are more free at the end of the day and you have an ugly belly fat mass, do not be sad anymore because the following is good news to help you prevent and eliminate belly fat in just a short time. I would like to introduce to you about the causes of belly fat and exercises Lose belly fat before bed the most effective. Please find out the cause and how to practice it.

So, what causes abdominal fat we often encounter

Abdominal fat along with the risk of obesity is a problem that we cannot overlook. People with belly fat often have low self-esteem about their appearance, sometimes it is a joke of others, so that excess fat is also a big problem that directly affects the daily life of the person who carries the fat. stomach.

Do you know the causes of belly fat come from the habits of our daily life? They silently make your fat mass increasingly "growling", making women unable to improvise. Find out what those bad habits are.

Good exercise to reduce belly fat
Good exercise to reduce belly fat  

Not getting enough sleep

When your body lacks sleep, Cortiol content is the cause of cravings, you will eat more when you are sleep deprived, leading to excess energy and belly fat. So we should know how to control sleep, an average sleep is about 6 to 8 hours a day is enough.

Protein deficiency

Protein is a protein that restricts insulin levels (a substance in the body that promotes metabolism that leads to fasting). Because htees that adequate protein at meals is also a way to lose weight. Lack of protein means you can easily gain weight, gain fat.

Eat lots of big meals

A normal person only needs to eat 3 meals a day to have enough energy needed. Perhaps you are suffering from these two habits: lack of sleep or lack of protein should lead to cravings and you eat up to 4 or more large meals in a day. This is very dangerous for the belly fat of people who want to lose weight. Abdominal fat will spike because the calories you eat is too much, excess build up into belly fat.


My father once said, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. It is not only the common advice that our fathers passed on to their descendants, but that statement is still useful today. Scientists have shown that the body consumes a lot of energy in the morning and at midday, while dinner is the time for the body to rest. If you eat a lot in the evening will cause excess energy and of course abdominal fat will also form.

Drink soda water

According to the researchers, the composition of soda water will stimulate people to gain weight. Get rid of soda or carbonated drinks, soft drinks, and instead fruit juices, which both have a weight-loss effect and are good for human health.

The most effective exercises to reduce belly fat before bed

Proper self-training at home is both effective and a way to save travel time and the cost of training. The exercises that reduce belly fat before bed are actually done very simple but also bring high efficiency if persevered.

  1. Hip twists

How to perform the exercise
How to perform the exercise

Perform this hip twisting operation with the following steps: lying down straight with legs closed, hands outstretched at an angle of 90 degrees to the spine, the neck should always be straight, followed by the legs closed. then rotate the lower body to the left, then return the lower body to its original position and continue the same rotation to the right. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 minutes and you'll feel your waist burn up due to the calories being burned. Keep up the good workouts every night before going to bed to reduce belly fat

  1. Waist exercises with sitting postures

Some other exercises
Some other exercises

How to do the following: first, sit up straight with your left leg straight out to the left, your right leg crossed, followed by your right hand to the right, your left hand to shoulder level to the right. so that your left hand and left leg make 2 parallel lines then hold for about 15 seconds and do the opposite. A combination of deep deep breathing and deep breathing in the abdomen will support this training process, which will effectively reduce belly fat.

  1. Do kicking exercises in the supine position

Abdominal fat dissipates after a period of exercise
Abdominal fat dissipates after a period of exercise

This is an extremely easy exercise that anyone can do, suitable for even the elderly who want to practice. The way to do it is as simple as this: with your back on your hands, our legs take turns kicking up at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground. Repeat for a period of 30 seconds, the interval between halves is about 15 seconds, perform at least 10 rounds to increase the effectiveness of belly fat reduction.

You need to have a little perseverance to apply the above exercises, you have successfully held about 50% successfully in Lose belly fat before bed already. Wish you successfully apply the fat reduction measures that we have outlined. Please visit to support more articles about our health.

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