Does cardio exercise reduce belly fat?

Cardio reduces belly fat Is one of the methods of exercise to help burn the excess fat in your body, especially the abdomen, hips, thighs. The main advantage of this exercise is that you have to do it continuously with high intensity. Therefore, it helps people to lose weight and lose belly fat quickly. To know about this method of practice, everyone, please learn through the article below.

Cardio exercise is very effective in reducing belly fat
Cardio exercise is very effective in reducing belly fat   

Lesson 1: Jumping Jack - Jumping high with 2 arms, 2 legs

Prepare: upright posture.


  • Raise your arms up high while dancing with your feet wide shoulder width.
  • When the legs are closed, the hand is brought down
  • People practice continuously about 20 times
Prepare the correct posture before training
Prepare the correct posture before training

Lesson 2: Mountain Climber - Anti-push and climbing

Prepare: Anti-push posture, straight-up hand


  • Hands straight, legs straight
  • Rotate 2 feet forward as if running in an anti-static posture
  • Episode 15 times and then turn over

In order to reduce the amount of excess fat in the body and the belly fat, this training method will bring a surprising effect to help you have a toned body and a slim belly.

Anti-static posture and climbing
Anti-static posture and climbing

Lesson 3: Burpee - push ups and high jumps

Prepare: High jump posture, followed by push-up posture

Continuous performance:

  • High jump
  • Push-up
  • People do it about 10 times and then do another movement
Anti-push and high jump positions
Anti-push and high jump positions

Lesson 4: Leg Raise - Bend your knees

Prepare: Lie on your back with your back not touching the ground but with the floor / floor angle at 45 degrees Celsius


  • 2 all hands must touch the ground, hip or half-open chair
  • Bring your legs up, bend as close to your chest as possible
  • Roll your abs all the way up
  • You do it 10-15 times and then move to another post

This is one of the methods of exercise that helps people lose weight and lose belly fat extremely effectively, especially in the lower abdomen that women should not ignore.

Exercise flexing the knees
Exercise flexing the knees

Lesson 5: Squat Jump - Jump high and down

High jump and drop ton is an exercise that people need to pay attention to down tons so that from the back of the pillow to the butt to create a right angle to the ground to bring high efficiency.

The above article is 5 methods to lose weight and reduce belly fat - the best cardio for those who want to have a healthy body and a slim waist. So you should practice regularly to bring give me a good body

  • You guys do this exercise about 10 times, then take a break and then continue to do it, in the second half


  • You should only practice 3 rounds per session
  • Each round consists of 5 movements as above and you should practice continuously
  • Rest period of about 5 -10 minutes depending on the physical condition and health of each person

Is cardio training good?

  • Practice cardio There are many benefits for everyone, especially the women in losing weight, reducing belly fat. However, too much people abuse it will also cause problems. Therefore, everyone should have a specific training schedule so as not to affect their health.
  • You should not do the exercises to increase muscle

Attention, to practice Cardio effectively

The time you practice Carido in a week only accounts for 30% of the total time you exercise (including other sports activities).

  • You should only practice for about 20 minutes if training is intense
  • You should train about 30-45 minutes if exercising at low intensity

Benefits of practicing Cardio fat burning exercises

  • Improve cardiovascular health

The heart is the most important organ in each of us. To have a healthy heart, eating right and exercising are an integral part of life. Therefore, the regular Cardio exercise will help your heart stay healthy and most stable.

  • Cardio exercise helps reduce fat, burn calories effectively

Of all the weight loss methods, cardio is one of the most effective. This exercise helps burn excess abdominal fat very effectively with many exercises combined. Cardio helps the body regularly train and train to burn the excess fat throughout the body and especially our abdominal area. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, reduce belly fat, do not skip these cardio exercises.

Through the above article venus56 have shared the methods Cardio exercises to reduce belly fat Extremely effective. Especially for women who want to lose weight, lose belly fat and want to regain a fit body. To know more about other ways to lose belly fat, you can refer to the website hey.

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