Venus56 - Supplying Retailing Girdle Belly Fat Reduction Girdle - Slim Waist Shaping Belt - Standard Slim Waist

Venus56 - Supplying Retailing Girdle Belly Fat Reduction Girdle - Slim Waist Shaping Belt

Lumbar waistband belts - Genuine waistband waist shaping gene

Who is Venus56?

Grandparents have a saying from the past "Nhat Dang, Nhi Da" And with the development of society today, the attention to the shape, to the skin is more and more important, confirming the accuracy of the sentence.

So if according to the above opinion, those who do not have a STANDARD physique such as: Postpartum women, office workers sit a lot, gentlemen "beer belly, big belly, ..... will be considered unlucky. And surely the confidence will also take the throne every time you go out, every time you come to partner meetings, friends' appointments,….

There are many people who choose to go to Spas, Beauty Salons, ... Put a lot of money on beauty treatments in the second round such as: The reduction of belly fat, the second round plastic surgery, ... Hay Look for weight loss pills full of hidden dangers. But to use these therapies, you need to prepare a large amount of money, long time to recover, research, choose reputable beauty salons and spas.

But did you know that a more effective and simple way to reduce belly fat, is to use genes to reduce belly fat, waistband shaping waist? Let's learn about the effects of this product with Venus56. Coming to Venus56, you have come to the address to specialize in buying, selling and distributing retail genes of waist harnesses, shaped waistband belts nationwide, with extremely preferential prices.

What is a waist shaping belt? What Is the Belly Gene?

Like on Venus56, we have shared about the extremely simple and effective method to slim the waist, shaping the waistband, the waist reduction gene. And this method is not new but can say that it is old like the saying "Nhat Dang, Nhi Da". Since ancient times, the use of blankets wrapped around the abdomen for a long time to shape the waist, do not make the belly sagging from which they have an extremely slender, toned loops.

In addition to the effect of the waistband and shaping genes that reduce the waist, reduce the waist, there is an extremely good effect that is helping the wearer keep the spine better.

Mechanism of Waist Slimmer Waist from Waist Belt, Belly Corsets Venus56

The Venus56 waist strap gene is designed in a very unique way with airy material to help shape your waist. They help squeeze looser adipose tissue tighter, which is the platform that helps your waist slim the most stable. Venus56 waistband helps you be comfortable when exercising, working in the day in a very comfortable way, but the important thing is that your baby is still tightened.

Top 05 Effects and Considerations of the Gastrectomy Belly Venus56

As the name of the product is sure, its effect is to reduce belly fat, slim and shrink to bring your waist to the most ideal measure, flattering the charm of the wearer's body. But to understand more why should choose the gene to lose belly fat, then Venus56 see more specifically the unexpected effects and benefits as follows:

+ First: Venus Corset, Waist Reduction

Do you agree with Venus56 that the waist is one of the most attractive elements of a woman, the same place that all eyes will focus on? Whether you agree with it or not is also an obvious fact because when you have a toned and slim waist, you will become more attractive in the eyes of everyone. Therefore, the garter gene is a method of reducing fat, shaping the second round, which many women choose and trust.

+ Second: Venus Belly Belly Gen

When the waist has been reduced, shaping slim thanks to Venus56 belly gene, the obvious fact is that your waist will be greatly enhanced. Gives the wearer's physique a curve, an extremely sexy body, helping the wearer with confidence appear everywhere. And in those places you are the center of all gaze.

+ Tuesday: Corsets Venus56 Belt Support Lifting Round 1

When I heard the name of the product and when advised to use it, some women did not know specifically about the effect of the product. Thinking that it only works for reducing waist fat, shaping your waist but not knowing that lifting the waist, creating the charm of the waist is also one of the extremely effective effects of the waistband. Venus56

+ Wednesday: Shaping the Spine And Helping Back Support

In addition to reducing waist fat, slim waist gene helps slim the waist, helping the wearer support the back, helping the spine be more straight.

+ Thursday: Wearing the Belly Fat Venus56 must be fat down properly

 Time Wearing Genes During The Day

  • 6 To 8 Hours / Day

 When Wearing the Belly Gene
  • When going to work
  • At Home
 Wearing the Girdle Corsets

  • Do not Eat Foods High in Fat
  •  Do Not Eat More Starch
  •  No Breakfast After 8:00
  •  No Dinner After 18:00

Vision And Mission Of Venus56

Just like everyone has a burning desire for a slim body, slender body full of determination and always wants to buy quality products, genuine goods so Venus56 was born with the mission :

  • Providing to our users genetics of high quality harness;
  • Contribute to creating a solution to reduce belly fat, slim waistline simple, effective, and less expensive;
  • Improve people's awareness of a healthy lifestyle and eating

Where To Sell Fat, Quality, Reputation

Product Quality - Customer Belief always the leading motto and criteria that Venus56 wants to aim for. Every gene-reduction model can help you lose weight Venus56 Check, cherish, pack the most carefully before handing to customers.

Venus56 constantly listening, constantly understanding the aspirations, needs, feedbacks from customers in order to improve the quality of our services, to serve our customers in the best way.

Contact Information Venus56

Address: 783 Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City - Lock C, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Apartment 2

Venus56 - Wholesales Supplying Girdle Belly Grease - Waist Shaping Belt 1

Size table Belly Corsage - Venus Belts Belt 56cm (cm)

Waist Measure(Cm) Type Size
Waist 58 Cm Back Size XS
Waist 59 ➡️ 75 Size S
Waist 76 ➡️ 83 Size M
Waist 84 ➡️ 92 Size L
Waist 93 cm or More Size XL

Product Pictures of Gastrectomy Belly Fat Grease Venus56

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Some Images of Customers Using the Belt, Gen Belly Grease Reduction Gene, Venus56


Contact Information Buy Venus Belt Decrease Venus56

Address: 783 Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City - Lock C, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Apartment 2

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