The most effective way to lose weight for students at home

Overweight and obesity currently occur not only for adults but also for students. Age is still developing physically and mentally. There are many causes of overweight in students such as eating, being inactive or stress in studying ... Some students feel inferior because of their too fat appearance. To find out more ways to lose weight for students at home, follow the article below.

How to lose weight at home for students
How to lose weight at home for students

Bad habits lead to overweight in students

Overweight in students is caused by some of the following bad habits:

  • Lazy: Some students, in addition to going to school when they go home, often go to the lounge, play games and be physically active. This leads to overweight, excess fat accumulation.
  • Snacking: This is the main cause of overweight in students, students often have the habit of snacking, uncontrolled eating leading to overweight and obesity.
  • Sitting in one place: Students often have the habit of sitting in one place, this causes fat accumulation, weight becomes more, leading to overweight.
  • Stay up late: Many students stay up late to study, play games. This is absolutely not good, not only affects your health but also makes you gain weight if you eat late at night.
Daily habits affect student's weight and health
Daily habits affect student's weight and health

Effective ways to lose weight at home for students

Limit fast foods

Fast food such as hamburger, pizza or bread ... is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity in students. In fast food often high in sugar, cholesterol, preservatives and high in fat. Eating fast food for a long time leads to uncontrolled weight gain, which can cause obesity.

According to nutrition experts, weight loss for students also needs to ensure 3 meals a day. Student dinner is the most important. Because after a day at school, the children will feel tired, hungry so they will eat more. So to make sure you get enough nutrition without causing you to be overweight, you should limit your dinner to simple foods, protein-rich snacks, lots of fiber and healthy fats like greens, soy, cereals ... avoid fast food, cakes, soft drinks, foods high in unhealthy fat.

Combining meals with a variety of fiber foods, vitamins helps to control weight effectively
Combining meals with a variety of fiber foods, vitamins helps to control weight effectively

Limit starchy foods

Starch is the cause of overweight and obesity that everyone knows. To reduce starches, during meals, parents should not give children too much starchy foods such as rice, bread, potatoes ... but should instead combine with eat some foods high in fiber, vitamins , good fats like greens, fruits ...

Limit foods high in starch
Limit foods high in starch

Limit junk food

Snacking is a daily habit that everyone has. Snacks such as rice paper, cakes, ice cream are the hidden types of overweight students. To avoid overweight, parents should guide their children to eat more fruits, drink juice to replenish nutrients for the body.

30 minutes of exercise a day

Currently, students often tend to be lazy in exercise. This causes the body to become lazy, accumulate excess fat, leading to weight gain. To limit that, parents should encourage them to be active for at least 30 minutes a day like playing sports, walking or jogging ... helping them to both relax their mind and have good health. Control weight gain.

Eat fast

Many students have a habit of eating quickly, fast food. This is not only harmful to the stomach but also easy to cause overweight. Maintain a meal lasting 20 minutes for the most effective weight loss.

Drink enough water for a day

Drinking enough water in a day will help students feel relaxed, purify the body and limit weight gain.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water, tea, fresh vegetable juice will help students lose weight at home effectively.

Drinking water every day helps purify the body, effective weight loss
Drinking water every day helps purify the body, effective weight loss

Brush your teeth after eating

Brushing teeth after eating makes students more lazy to eat later, both help students lose weight effectively and help clean the mouth.

Above, are the share Weight loss for students at home. Whether or not a student can lose weight depends not only on the student but also on the advice, care regime, and perseverance of the parent. Thank you for your interest in the above article. If you have further questions or refer to other weight loss methods please visit the website for assistance

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