The method to reduce fat quickly in a week

The problem that always makes women self-deprecating now is belly fat. Belly fat makes women unable to wear tight clothes, show off curves or lovely croptop tops, which is also a big obstacle on the beauty road. Currently there are many ways to lose weight fast, reduce belly fat but not very safe. The following will show you how Lose weight fast in a week Extremely safe, effective yet nutritious for you to operate a long day.

Diet by effective regime

Eating is essential for the needs of our daily life. Each type of food is each type of nutrition with different functions. There are types when absorbed too much will help us stabilize the amount of nutrients, there are also types of fat accumulation, overweight. The women also often look to different diets but have not found any effect. Because each person suits each mode differently. So today will give you a diet suitable for everyone, all ages as follows:

Lose weight fast in a week

Foods rich in fiber

Eating without science makes you more likely to accumulate belly fat. Foods high in fiber will be very helpful in reducing fat. You should eat as much fiber as possible if you want a slim and toned round 2. In addition, fiber-rich foods also help you have a shiny skin.

Eat high-fiber vegetables
Eat high-fiber vegetables

These fruits and vegetables will be high in fiber. For example, cauliflower, broccoli, oranges, grapefruit, apples ... they also contain antioxidants, and vitamins that are necessary for our body, filling for long without worrying about fat accumulation in the body.

Whole grains

Whole grains are nutritious foods that keep us full for a long time, making them easier to limit rice cravings, adjusting your diet will help you avoid obesity effectively. Whole grains also have a lightening and smoothing function. Both beautiful appearance and beautiful skin.

Drink enough water daily with 1 glass of lemonade in the morning

Lemons contain lots of antioxidants and lots of vitamin C. Extremely effective in the fight against belly fat and beautiful skin. Mix a glass of thin, unsweetened lemonade in the morning to see the results, so mix with warm water to avoid cold stomach. Combine adding 2 liters of water necessary for each day.

Drinking lemon juice is high in vitamin C that helps to improve the skin and shape
Drinking lemon juice is high in vitamin C that helps to improve the skin and shape

Do not absorb sugars and starches from bread

Bread is also a form of starch. The amount of gluten and yeast in bread can cause fat accumulation. Make your round 2 become more oversized. Limiting bread is also a good way to reduce belly fat.

Sugary foods are the most obvious cause of fat accumulation. From fast food or starch. Need to limit the absorption of sugar and starch to avoid obesity, causing the body to swell as expected.

Starch, sugar are the "culprits" causing fat
Starch, sugar are the "culprits" causing fat

Moreover, you need to pay attention to the following issues so that your belly fat diet will be more effective:

  • Do not skip meals, must eat enough 3 meals / day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Must eat slowly, chew thoroughly.
  • Limit prefabricated refined carbohydrates (pizza, cakes, hamburgers, shrimp noodles ...).
  • Limiting the absorption of saturated fats (fatty meat, chicken skin, fish skin, viscera ...).
  • Limit absorption of junk food, fast food. Carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
  • Must rest and exercise reasonable.
  • Do not forget to exercise moderation to lose weight fast and safely.

Diet diet reduce belly fat fast

From the above instructions, you can completely create a reasonable and scientific diet menu, suitable for your conditions. Or you can join us briefly to refer to the following menus.


It is the most important meal, providing nutrition for you to function all day. So you should eat enough at breakfast to have enough energy and nutrition.

  • 1 bowl lotus seed congee, chicken congee, slice
  • Or peanut butter sandwiches or sandwiches
  • Or a plate of rolls
  • Or a bowl of noodles and vermicelli
  • Or 1 sweet potato
  • Or 2 eggs
  • Along with a favorite fruit. Such as apples, bananas ...
  • Add 1 cup of lemon juice, orange juice or glass of ginger tea.


Lunch you should eat medium, not too much or too little. Because after breakfast you also need to provide a little more energy for the other half of the day.

  • 2 bowls of rice.
  • Served with steamed fish, fried, braised; Shrimp ram; young ribs; Stewed pork, fried squid ...
  • Include some soup, vegetables, or vegetable salad plates ...
  • Dessert you can use yogurt to benefit the digestive system or can also be a favorite fruit like grapes, tangerines, ...


Dinner is the end of the day, the organs need to rest so we need to eat less, so that the body works moderately, avoid accumulating excess fat.

  • Should sallad for dinner.
  • Or eat porridge, soup or maybe use some rice ... if not used to.
  • Accompanied by a plate of boiled vegetables, some types of soup, use extra fruit for dessert.

Those are the methods Rapid fat reduction in one week shared from If you find it useful, please continue to accompany them through the following articles. Do not forget to get in shape, it is necessary to have a scientific diet, exercise and reasonable rest, provide enough water for a long day.

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