Whether the use of garters is effective or just rumors

Garter belt is one of the very useful products to help women have a slim waist, body shaping besides it is a very effective beauty tool especially for women after birth. However, to fully utilize the benefits of the waist harness gene, you need to use it correctly according to the instructions below.

Garter belt has a very useful effect on women
Garter belt has a very useful effect on women  

How the corset gene is defined

Garter belt is a product whose main purpose is to narrow the waist to help users get in shape, create attractive curves and are commonly used in Europe. In particular, the aristocracy is very popular when used to tighten the waist when wearing dresses, evening dresses to show themselves with a charming and attractive waist.

What types of waistband genes are divided into?

There are 2 popular types of waistband gene:

  • Type 1: is a type of gene products with elastic, elastic material that can be used with many different objects. The downside of this gene is that there is no "bone" that forms the belt, which is prone to buckling in the middle of the abdomen or working hard. When using you will not have to worry about the gene being exposed when wearing inside a thin shirt, a body shirt.
  • Type 2: is the product with thicker materials. The downside is that during the first time you use it, you will feel a little uncomfortable when moving, this product has fixed bars on both sides to help shape the shape of the belt so when you bend your belly, bend your body, be strong Will not be rolled or buckled.

What does the garter gene do?

Garter belt is a kind of "salvage" product for women, the product that makes the fat waist become surprisingly slim when used. In addition, excess fat is an obsession not only for women after birth but also for those of you who have a big body due to lack of physical activity ...

The belly nit gene helps women have a slim and sexy waist
The belly nit gene helps women have a slim and sexy waist

In particular, the Garter can also shape the spine to help women work in the office without having to worry that long sitting will damage the spine. Besides, the garter belt also has the effect of reshaping the physique, lifting the 1st and 3rd round.

Using genes How to buckle the belly properly?

  • Firstly, you should choose a gene that has a comfortable, elastic material that is suitable for the body and night use characteristics will not cause discomfort and help bring more efficiency. The choice of cinch gene is also very important when choosing the gens to use especially when using at night should not use the type is too thin, or too thick, so choose a moderate type with body measurements, not too loose or too tight.
  • Secondly, instead of using directly, women can tie a layer of nightgown, or a layer of clothes to help bring a sense of comfort and comfort, but the gene of gene still takes full effect.
  • Thirdly, to reduce the damage to the body and trouble breathing when sleeping, she should not tighten her stomach too tightly, this will greatly affect the health.
  • Fourthly, when using the corset gene, the abdomen will be tightly wrapped so the back will be slightly bent, so make a small pillow or blanket so that the back is straight when sleeping to avoid back fatigue and also helps you easier to sleep!
  • Fifthly, for those who are afraid of intestinal, colon, or stomach illness, it is not advisable to use the abdominal garter at night. To ensure good health for you.
  • And one last thing is that you should carefully read the instructions for use before using to use the Garter to properly position and bring the best effect!

Is it good to use the waist harness gene at night?

In fact, the use of abdominal harnesses at night has both advantages and disadvantages, while the waist harness is relatively long, about 6-8 hours, this helps the harness to maximize its use. two significant fat loss, while also compensating for the time you have to work during the day can not be used or interrupted.

Using Gens at night, women need to pay attention to health
Using Gens at night, women need to pay attention to health

For women who have normal health, you can use it at night but pay special attention not to tighten the braid gene, which will cause discomfort and damage to the body. As for women with unstable health, it should be noted that when using the waistband at night will cause a little discomfort, difficulty sleeping, causing belching, not suitable for anyone with stomach problems.

However, the right use, the waist harness at night will bring much better effects besides helping women save a lot of time, does not affect living and working.

How to buckle the abdomen after cesarean like?

As for women after birth, you should not buckle your belly too early because at that time the incision is not completely healed, the compression when the harness will affect the incision and the postpartum recovery. Therefore, women should perform abdominal harness after surgery about 6 weeks because now the incision has healed and the mother's body has recovered completely. So how long after a caesarean section will you be harnessed?

For women after giving birth, about 6 weeks is the best time
For women after giving birth, about 6 weeks is the best time

- 6 weeks after cesarean section: should only wear the abdomen around 1-3 hours / day.

- 3 months after cesarean section: should only wear waist harness about 2-4 hours / day.

- After caesarean section about 6 months onwards: abdominal can be from 4h - 8h / day depending on the location of each person.

Hopefully the article above will help you have more useful information about wearing gene of waist the most effective. To learn more about the different types of waistbones genes and their uses, please refer to the website venus56.com for assistance.

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