Using Tabata exercises to reduce belly fat is effective

Tabta exercises reduce belly fat Not only helps women quickly regain a slender body, but it also brings an abundant energy source for everyone's health.

However, the improper training and not following the rules of the method have led many women to go wrong and lead to health effects. Therefore, everyone please join us to learn the article below to know more about this tabata exercise.

Tabata exercise is not only an exercise to reduce belly fat but it is also very good for health
Tabata exercise is not only an exercise to reduce belly fat but it is also very good for health

What is the Tabata exercise? 

Tabata Exercise was founded by Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Tabata is one of the methods of intense training.

According to Dr. Izumi's research, this method has been tested with 2 groups of animals. The first group, was dredged by the doctor with moderate intensity training. The second group is PhD for intense training.

The first group will do moderate-intensity cardio for 5 days per week and last for 1 hour.

The second group was drilled by the doctor with higher intensity with 4 exercises 4 times / week, each movement only about 4 minutes.

And the results showed that the oxygen consumption of group 1 increased but was less than that of group 2. In addition, the ability to absorb Anaerobic gas in group 2 was also increased to 28%, compared to group 1. This. shows us that practicing Tabata exercises is very effective.

Practice losing belly fat with tabata
Practice losing belly fat with tabata

Is Tabata exercise effective for reducing belly fat?

Rated as one of the extremely simple exercise methods that bring high efficiency in reducing belly fat.

This tabata exercise is good for the respiratory system, improving the circulatory system, good for heart health and strong bones. Besides tabata also enhances the metabolism to help the body quickly burn more energy, thereby helping to reduce belly fat more effectively.

Tabata exercise is very effective for losing weight and reducing belly fat
Tabata exercise is very effective for losing weight and reducing belly fat

How to practice Tabata correctly

When practicing Tabata, you need to follow the following rules:

  • You need to warm up about 5 minutes to warm up the muscle groups
  • With 4 minutes of practice, 20 seconds to practice + 10 seconds to rest. Repeat 8 times
  • And let the muscle groups relax for 2 minutes
  • Each week should only practice 2-4 times.
Is practicing Tabata everyday?
Is practicing Tabata everyday?

Do you practice Tabata exercises every day?

For Tabata exercises, most people do not practice more than 7 days. And if people practice consecutive days of the week and still find their body comfortable, gentle, pleasant, then you are wrong.

You should practice Tabata on a specific schedule as follows:

  • For beginners, it should only be done 1-2 times a week
  • People should not exercise more than 3 times a week.
  • People with health problems should practice 2-3 times a week at normal intensity.

Tabata movements for beginners

For beginners to practice Tabata, you should only practice about 3 rounds and take a 10 second break between each period.

Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Lie on the floor with your legs straight, forming an angle of 30 degrees to the floor. At the same time, his hands went straight to his head, his neck held high, not touching the floor. Feeling of tension in the abdomen and thighs.

Step 2: Maintain the leg posture, shrink close to the abdomen, creating a right angle to the floor. At the same time, bring your hands closer to your thighs, folding as close as you can. Repeat the motion 20 times / inning.

Tabata exercises for girls

Push-up (4 minutes)

The method of Push-up training (4 minutes) includes 2 steps as follows:

Step 1: First, breathe deeply in a stretched posture.

Step 2: Lie on your stomach with your hands on the floor, your elbows and shoulders aligned. Lift your body upright with your toes, your legs slightly closed, knees relaxed, arms perpendicular to the floor, palms facing down, shoulders relaxed.

Step 3: elbows back down but head, back, buttocks and feet still in a straight line, slowly lower the whole body, then exhale and lift up.

How to practice Squats (4 minutes)

For homework tabata For women, you need to lower so that your knees are perpendicular, hips pushed back, feet shoulder width, then exhale and lower yourself, take a deep breath, then lift up.

Burpees training method (4 minutes) consists of 7 steps as follows:

Step 1: Start in a standing position

Step 2: 2 hands on the ground with squatting style and thighs must lie on both hands

Step 3: Kick your feet out into a plank shape

Step 4: Slowly lower your body to the ground

Step 5: Use your feet to jump back to squatting position

Step 6: Stand up and jump up high

Step 7: Return to the original position

Hope over the Tabata exercises to reduce belly fat Above will help the women quickly regain themselves a balanced body with slim waist. For more useful information for the practice of reducing belly fat, visit the website hey.

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